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The Holocaust in the United States : 56 million babies killed

01/29/2014 13:27
Last week, precisely 22 January was held in Washington, DC " march for life " with the participation of tens of thousands of people who seek the abolition of the law on abortion in America and point to the fact that because of the law since it was in 1973. adopted until now killed 56 million babies in the U.S. ! The March of this year was less attended than usual due to the extremely low temperatures and snowfalls , which were canceled many buses and planes with passengers for Washington . In recent years, the march is regularly gather each year between 400,000 and 650,000 participants .

Below, read the text that explains how shaky set precedent that led to the legalization of abortion in America .
The March for Life is held on the anniversary of judgment that led to the legalization of abortion in America, specifically the

judgment of the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade procedures and Doe v. Bolton . Last year, on the eve of the anniversary published text , which transmit below about these cases and two women who were abused to lead to the legalization of abortion . Given that today similar judicial and judicial maneuvers ( as evidenced in Croatia concealment of a life partnership contrary to the will of the people expressed in the referendum ) lead to the legalization of gender ideology and same-sex " marriage " is not hard to believe in the authenticity of the text . For the evil of abortion legalization , where crime becomes a human right , most legislators who are guilty then surely they could not foresee terrible figure of 56 million babies are killed as a result of passing the law . Also today I can not foresee all the possible consequences of changes in the laws of nature according to gender ideology , but what is possible to predict and that most people are terrified of conscientious legislators should be enough to such changes in weather cancels .
According to another article published in the journal Croatian leader 2012th under the title " The Law on Abortion : The judges of the Constitutional Court no responsibility " in us is legalized abortion in 1971. The Law on health measures for the realization of the right to freely decide on childbirth ( NN 18/78 .) . Law that legalized abortion was passed for the first time in the communist USSR in 30 - ies of the last century . Blessed Aloysius Stepinac , Archbishop of Zagreb , but the 10th siječnja in 1940. Croatian sent a written appeal to the doctors to the intense fight against the evil of abortion who " took such a sweep in our country , that gets somewhat true character of national suicide . "
According to the text from the leader , in the drawers of the Constitutional Court for 20 years, is subject to review constitutionality Croatian Law on abortion as a ' hot potato ' shifting from one hand to the judges of the Constitutional Court . The judge in the case , which finally established itself supposedly " asked the dozens of addresses , literally across the Croatian , the opinions of various experts about the issue of abortion . He wrote to all medical and law schools in Croatia , the Catholic Theological Faculty , Rijeka renowned experts in moral theology , etc. " The article further states that the judges of the Constitutional Court's easier to keep an object in the drawer , but act much like their counterparts in Saveznome Constitutional Court of Germany . There it was decided that due to the harmful effects of abortion inevitable abortions performed exclusively in hospitals with mandatory counseling process in which the woman responds by abortion and prescribes mandatory three days of waiting . In Croatia, there are absolutely no restrictions on abortion within 10 weeks of pregnancy , and despite the standing in the drawers of the Constitutional Court and that until such restrictions could result in the murder of unborn children unhindered because the judges do not want to limit the income security of private gynecologist who earn the accident women and men who agree on abortion , in most cases, not knowing what is really working in your child and what consequences will it have for a woman . The only restriction and some sort of barrier even greater number of abortions in Croatia are the doctors who use the right to appeal to the conscience and refuse to participate in abortion .

The legalization of abortion in America occurred because of two women : today both want to abolish abortion
Author: John Jalševac
Posted : 17th January 2013th
WASHINGTON , D.C. , 17 January 2013th , ( ) - In the debate on abortion in the United States the names of two women occur much more frequently than others : that Jane Roe and Mary Doe , the plaintiff in the consolidated proceedings in the Supreme Court in 1973. year for which it was in that year across America legalized abortion .
Since this month nearing 40th anniversary of the judgment in the two cases - Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton - the media have been full of reports with the leaders of both opposing sides of the past 40 years the legalization of abortion and the current status of the debate on abortion .
Amid the turmoil of media coverage that is dotted on the anniversary of one woman named Sandra Cano quietly issued a statement to the media on the Christian news network which brought down two judgments of the Supreme Court . This may in itself should not be anything unusual until you discover that the other person's name by the name of Sandra Cano , Mary Doe , who was the plaintiff in one of two procedures .
Yes , exactly that Mary Doe .
Sandra Cano is none other than the plaintiff in the proceedings Doe v. Bolton , the less famous of the two cases before the Supreme Court that have opened around the dam outburst floods for legal abortion in the United States .
1970 and 22 - year biennial Cano was pregnant and waited their fourth child , after losing custody of two of her children and gave a third child for adoption . In Georgia , the state where she lived Mrs. Cano , abortion was prohibited , except in extreme circumstances , but her lawyers argued that her abortion should be allowed . In a decision that was made the same day as the decision in the case of Roe v. Wade Supreme Court sided with the plaintiff's attorney .
While the better known case of Roe v. Wade led to the lifting of all restrictions on abortion that the fetus is not viable outside the womb , the case Doe v. Bolton spread it right on time for all nine months of pregnancy .
But after that until today, Ms. Cano argued that the entire structure of the case Doe v. Bolton is based on a lie : she had the right to abortion is neither wanted nor asked for , and the fraud was persuaded to sign affidavits request for abortion during divorce litigation in which he sought the return of skbništva against children .
According to what is stated Cano , she escaped from Giorgio because her mother and lawyer forced to have an abortion .
2003rd The Mrs. Cano filed a lawsuit in an attempt to break down a judgment that bears her name . " In the process of Doe v. Bolton I used only as a symbol that we are the experiences and circumstances in which I found not too believed and I am completely misrepresented , " she wrote in the affidavit 2003rd year .
But although her attempt to re-examine the case failed, it did not stop her from trying it in other ways down the verdict . In a statement made ​​this week , Cano reiterated his belief that " the fraud was used by the judiciary to legalized abortion in America . "
" No one should have the right to kill their children . None of this mother should not want to , " she said , describing his case as " an alliance with death . "
In the meantime, a second wife , Norma McCorvey , briefly met the headlines during last year's election campaign after the publication of promotional ads which advocates the right to live with explicit photos of aborted children and the same ad accusing President Obama to " kill children " by supporting abortion .
Most people do not recognize the right to name Ms. McCorvey , but will immediately recognize her psudonim : Jane Roe . Yes , exactly that Jane Roe .
Although Ms. McCorvey worked as an activist for the right to abortion for years after the judgment in the case of Roe v. Wade , the mid- '90s media announced his conversion to the right to life . The conversion happened after the next address abortion clinic began operations on pro-life organization " Operation Rescue " ( Operation Rescue ) , and so Ms. McCorvey , who worked in an abortion clinic personally met with several leaders of the pro-life movement .
" Feminist lawyers persuaded me to lie to say that I was raped and I need an abortion , " said Norma in last year's ad. " It was all a lie . "
" Since then it has killed over 50 million babies . This burden will take with me to the grave , " she said .
2003rd Norma has submitted a request for the reopening of the case of Roe v. Wade . Her request was denied. However, like Sandra , Norma continues to disclose the truth about his involvement in this case .
" One hundred percent committed to Jesus, and I 'm one hundred percent for the right to life , " says Norma in a testimonial published on its website . " There are no exceptions . There is no compromise . "
Many will act shocking fact that neither of the two women whose names are practically synonymous with legal abortion in America actually have never committed an abortion , and now both passionate advocate for the right to life and their lives are dedicated bringing down judgment in cases that bear their names .
The fact that only a few have heard of Norma and Sandra undoubtedly a consequence of activists for the right to abortion, most liberal and mainstream media who favor abortion industry on all silent , for them ' betrayal ' abortion rights of these two women is a shame that should hide under the rug , especially given the fact that their descriptions of manipulative techniques that are activists who advocate the right to abortion is used against these women , consented to them for their own ends not at all in favor .
Both women were young , uneducated , the poor strata and are suitable for use , and at that time pushed into the center of the national debate on abortion . Both claim to have their cases based on outright lies : in the case of standards , the lie was that she had been raped , and Sandrine case lie was that he wanted to do an abortion . These are the facts on which it is better to remain silent if it will not lead to the destruction of the judgment in the case of Roe v. Wade .
However, according to Troy Newman from the " Operation Rescue " , and the movement for the right to life would also need a better way to tell their own history and remind people how weak foundations on which rests the right to abortion in America .
" Most of the movement for the right to life is a recent phenomenon , " Newman said in an interview with , " I and my colleagues who are at the forefront of these associations we make a mistake we do not talk enough " about the history of the movement .
"I was with Norma when converted to Christianity and later the Roman Catholic faith , " said Newman . " I am in contact with Sandra Cano . And because I know the whole story , do not repeat it . "
The challenge of educating the younger generation proved to be true when the research center Pew Research released this month by the results of research which is only 44 percent of people under 30 knew that the case of Roe v. Wade has nothing to do with abortion .
However , according to Newman , it is crucial that people know the facts about cases of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton . " The foundations of Roe case crumbling and collapsing all around us , and those who adhere to them and work to re- raise on an artificial way , ignoring the evidence and the facts , " he said.
"Industry abortion decided to win the debate on abortion , and that is that abortion is not a story that is not a story about the history of abortion . But when we look at the objective facts , such as cases of Sandra Cano and Norma McCorvey , and many other people who were associated with abortions or have done so, we see that they are now all against abortion , " he said.
" And the only way in which the propagandists of the right to abortion can succeed is to hide the awful truth about abortion , " he added . " Do not talk about abortion , never speak of those who were converted , do not allow any intellectual discussion . "
Stories Norma and Sandra are important , he said , because they clearly show that " people who have had any experience with abortion or those who are on this issue really thought it through well , naturally become advocates of the right to life . "
" Sandra Cano and Norma McCorvey are no exception to all of these cases , " he said. " They are faced with the dire consequences of the judgment in the case of Roe v. Wade , with the consequences that such a judgment would have on our society : the endless sea of wounded people . A gruesome tragedy laws on abortion . "

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