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The world is a stage clones operated by reptilians #GAME23

Have You Seen This ? Unbelievable Weather, Brazil Anomaly and Strange Videos...

They are now admitting to having fake sun technology!

ake sun and simulators

Transpocalypse Origins Part 2: Priests of the Goddess


Cain in the sun..Electro Magentic Wave distortions.They Live..

projekt blue beam

hmmmm... reptilians

Human / Alien Disguise Unmask - Ramstein Air Crash 1988

Montag, 9. September 2019

Best NASA Fail Compilation Flat Earth Research

SATURN "WAVE" - Possible Plasma Double Layer Refraction

Analysis Of The Moon Hologram UFO

Waves Ripple Across the Moon

hologram moon

FREE ENERGY SOLID STATE DEVICE Andrey from Russia Kapanadze 1kw English subtitles

Free energy capacitors in Bangladesh

we are dumbed down

Colinear free energy antennas in our past

Unbelievable Videos You Can Never Unsee...

They Live 2 The Celebrities A Real Life Documentary

Berlin vs Polizei - Polizisten müssen Unschuld beweisen

sub in videocan be cganged

Römisch katholische Kirche erfindet Marienverehrung BMR # 3

They Live | Based on a True Story ▶️️

The Untold Truth Of They Live

The Truth In Plain Sight

Sonntag, 8. September 2019

2019 IS STRANGE Part 12 // JULY - AUG

our sky is fake

this channel is great you schould bookmark this chanel to be ap to date

Epic Sun Simulator Evidence Fast Spinning Lens & SOLID PROOF of Rotation ! Birmingham UK

for what they invented it artificial s

demons of the sky still leaving their chem trail filth 8/25/2019 6pm

TI's Are Victims of Ritual Magic and Demonic Assignments

Demon magicians and "atheists"

Mud Flood in Saint John, NB. Hands ON Proof!!

Mud Flood in Canada. New Excavations Reveal Structures Under Parliament Hill.

Transpocalypse Origins Part 1: The Whore of Babylon

Reptilian Alien Female Caught On Live TV



Mittwoch, 4. September 2019

Oh the humanity the fake attack on Seattle on November 03, 2019

who knows ??

Oh the humanity der Fakeanschlag in Seattle am 03.11.2019

Journey to the Center of the Earth | North Pole Hidden Land

kepp in mind there are people that tell the tru with little lies so keep your eyes open and do you own research

old maps have knownlege

ow do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview?


While the mainstream media continues to distract the masses with Jeffrey Epstein, meanwhile, a widespread power outage affected millions within the London and Southern United Kingdom regions as of Fri. Aug. 9th, 2019. Said to be the largest U.K. “blackout” in a decade, this outage primarily impacted urban transportation as trains grounded to a halt, and cars wandered through intersections without functioning traffic lights. Although power has been restored, it seems as though there’s been a MAJOR “power outage” practically every single month now, for the past few months. This month was in Europe; last month as of Sat. Jul. 13th, 2019, a power outage left parts of New York City in darkness for hours, leaving thousands trapped in subway cars and elevators, and people guiding traffic at intersections. And let’s not forget about the “sudden” widespread blackout in South America as of Sat. Jun. 16th, 2019, affecting up to 50 million people, and up to five countries (all of Argentina and Uruguay, and parts of Paraguay, Chile, and Southern Brazil). Plus the power outage that impacted Fort Bragg, North Carolina as of spring 2019 — said to be the largest military installation in the world by population. It seems as though these past three widespread power outages (U.K., U.S., and South America) have all impacted their respective regions on WEEKENDS, affected up to MILLIONS of people, and happened “on such SHORT NOTICE.” Could all of this be PREPARATION for something even BIGGER? Especially since a few days ago, as of Wed. Aug. 7th, 2019, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), issued their Emergency Alert System (EAS) test… According to FEMA: “ The test will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether improvements are needed.” With the 400-year anniversary of slavery in America right around the corner, What Is The BIGGER Plot? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! WAKE UP TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU AND SEE WHAT TIME IT IS! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — SO THAT YOU WILL BE PREPARED AT ALL TIMES!! ALSO SEE — MORE ON LOCUSTS IN LAS VEGAS!! ALSO SEE — MORE ON THE 400 YEARS!! ALSO SEE — WHY THE YEAR 2019 IS IMPORTANT! LEARN MORE! U.K. Power Outage (CNN): U.K. Power Outage (NYT): FEMA EAS Test 2019: New York Power Outage (CNN): South America Power Outage (QZ): Fort Bragg Power Outage (Army Times): DHS/NIAC Power Outage Report (94 Pages, Dec. 2018):

Dueling Gospel Traditions — Pro-Meat and Pro-Veg

There are two traditions within Buddhism: pro-meat and pro-vegetarian. Each have their own sutras or scriptures.
The same is historically true with Christianity: the original Jesus Movement or Hebrew Christians (sometimes called Aramaic Christians, Ebionites or Nasoraeans) with their gospels vs. scriptures associated with Paul and what evolved into the Roman church.
The Gospels of the Hebrews and Ebionites describe a vegetarian ethos: a vegetarian Jesus and vegetarian Apostles, a John the Baptist who ate carob (locust beans) — beans not bugs! and a rejection of ritual animal sacrifice, be it in pagan temples or the Jewish temple of Jerusalem.more...

Montag, 2. September 2019

Südtiroler Eltern rufen zur Demo für Impffreiheit in Berlin auf (am 14. Sept. 2019)


hansel or gretel

if some one says your a rassist whites are bad

It is generally known that black people have been residing in European countries since the early colonial times. But even before the 15th century and during Roman times, a time when colour of skin still wasn’t a racist stigma but just another physical feature, black people lived in Europe. Remains of a man with black African features were found in England recently, dating his life back to the 13th century. Read this article for more info.

Besides that, facts have been found of black people living in different parts of Europe, although I don’t want to overstate their presence or influence. But it is generally known that during the Muslim era of the Iberian Peninsula (from the 8th century AD until the 15th century AD) people with dark skin were part of daily live. The Muslims who invaded Spain and Portugal around 700 AD were a mixture of black and dark people from North-Africa. They were often referred to as Maures, wrote about and painted, way before the dehumanization of black people started.

Black nobility in Europe? According to black Dutch researcher Egmond Codfried and author of the book "Belle van Zuylen's forgotten grandmother" there was black nobility in Europe, but there history and images were later carefully tucked away. His claims are controversial, and of course not accepted by European historians and the man in the street.

reserach the orgin ot the word slave in german sklave
h“late 13c., ‘person who is the chattel or property of another,’ from Old French esclave (13c.), from Medieval Latin Sclavus ‘slave’ (source also of Italian schiavo, French esclave, Spanish esclavo), originally ‘Slav;’ so used in this secondary sense because of the many Slavs sold into slavery by conquering peoples.”
From the Online Etymology Dictionary:


1250–1300; Middle English sclave < Medieval Latin sclāvus (masculine), sclāva (feminine) slave, special use of Sclāvus Slavic, so called because Slavs were commonly enslaved in the early Middle Ages; see Slav

how they made europe america austria white ???? 

Orphan Train
The Orphan Train Movement was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded Eastern cities of the United States to foster homes located largely in rural areas of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1854 and 1929, relocating about 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children.

they do that with every nation with other metods

rassism doesent exist national is normal anwe are all brothers in the name of our havently father so pleas do you research don be hate

Sonntag, 1. September 2019

there will never be equality

you think equality is about women
women in the man domain are like a sheep  with a horde of wolfes

My Office Ladies

they dont like wo men so they manipulate them and it is a sad thing that it works

how the world really works if you dont work for yourself you will be their slaves for ever

what equality realy means is about


anime is mostly about some love with sexual content caled ecchi that is how they get the atention of women how what they have to dfo how to get their beloved

the man harem i have no time do your job what j can see the man the real man where are they

ducation to humans that women are less worth turning them into pets

women kids copy that

women are easy manipuled they want to be loved and want to be protected by their man

the women wearing lesser and lesser i am disapointed of today human whay are we alowing this if they destroy the women the world will be destroyed
then elohim(god) made the women the last bevore he rested that we should now to cherish them

womens underwear and bikini

the today man dont care what their women are wearing and fear their women when they say anything the sader thing that the childern are wearing less too
there are more childern childern that are pregrent at age of 9

today carton is porn keep watching what your fellow is watching everywhere is porn tv music

they turn the whole world in sodom and gomora

the story about vampires

vamp are reptiliens

2o milion women disapear every year 800 000 childern disapear in usa 100 000 disapear in germany 

they made story about it we are livestok for them and there are a lot more storyes about that what they are doing with us so you can keep ignorance or do your own reasearch they 

Matthew 10 28Do not be afraid of those who kill thebody but cannot kill the soul. Instead, fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.