Samstag, 29. September 2018

What is going on in our skies? Is Project Blue Beam Real?

Blue Beam Project: Savior and Alien Invasion

UFO Alien Blue Beam Project:

Something Creepy We Have Never Witnessed Before! Hologram Projection? 2017-2018

alerdy build ???

Google's 'Space Elevator Image Filmed and More What the F is in Our Skies?

Evidence for Space Elevator & Sun Simulator Power Supply Caught on Video at Kennedy Space Center

Sun Simulator & Moon Simulator Hologram Track System and Proof Positive Evidence of Skydome Atlantis

Channel DELETED Over This Moon Video?

time speeding up

it is serious search for it

Tiananmen Square Tank Man


Mandela Effect: Is God speeding up time?

Time speeds up at night waring us out

Time speeding up destroys 3D

Time is Speeding Up; Really!

Time is Speeding Up - Evidenced by Seconds-Counting, Timing Thunder & Phi

Proof Time Is Speeding Up?

some comments
There has been 3 hours missing out of every day since the beginning of 2017 and I have recorded proof of when that happened. If our energy vibration is increasing this would not be such a noticeable thing because we would require less sleep. Ive experienced missing a day here and there and even days at a time. I know time goes by faster the older you get but this is different. There are never enough hours in the day anymore. Ive observed the sun rise much faster than it sets almost as if it is just sitting still in the sky in the late afternoon for a couple of hours before it starts moving down again at sunset. Ive always been a day person up and down with the sun kind of thing. Now I find myself up most of the night requiring very little sleep. Apparently Im not the only one who is experiencing similar things... isnt is great!!

Time is Speeding Up (Proof)

time is going TOO fast

Freitag, 28. September 2018

Transvestigation: wen they admit

2018 IS STRANGE Part 11 // AUGUST

SOLVED📡Strange Metal Towers Appear in New York

Enoch Says, ANGELS CUT DOWN ALL the TREES! How Did We Miss This?!

Google Earth Lies! The Smoking Gun Proof You Need to See, Missouri River...