Sonntag, 9. Februar 2020

Reptilian British Prime Minister Boris Johnson!

Male Genital Mutilation/Egyptian Satanic Practice

Reptilian Monster Mixing With A Crowd- Monstruo Reptil

Pope's Shape Shifting Hand/ Antichrist Power Is Reptilian!

a human need 3 second to see what he sees

they are hidding with tehnology 50 years ahead when not more what they are shoving us deepfake

Reptilian Humanoid

Kobe Hoax - Sound Witness & N-N-Numbers

Seattle Hoax-KOBE-Coincidences

Seattle Hoax-New VideoS show Staging

Jimmy Savile Took Young Girl To Prince Philip In Buckingham Palace - Prince Andrew

this world has secrets that will be revealed

0.000001 prozent controll the world  with lies and fearmorgering

Samstag, 8. Februar 2020

n Flu Enza aka "Spanish Flu" ~ How 50 Million Died in 1918 Due to Vaccines

Astronauts Busted Dropping Objects In "Zero Gravity" ISS Exposed

London Bridge 🔴 Suspect Still Alive After Being Shot Dead? 🔴 Traffic Camera Reveals Hoax?

Soleimani Psy-Op, Trump And The Jewish Year 5780 - Shia Crescent - Iran USA WW3

Event 21 Coronavirus Simulation - ID2020 RFID Vaccinations - Virus Free Ghost City Repopulation

dont expect to be saved informed if you dont spread the information

you get what you seed

Coronavirus Wuhan China Outbreak Fear Propaganda

Coronavirus HOAX All About the Benjamin’s!! BUSTED

Coronavirus HOAX All About the Benjamin’s!! BUSTED

search for info they try controll the internet so make haste to inform yourself

Scripted Whorporate Local News Collection

Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Anomalies & Predictive Programming - The Scripted World Stage

Amazon Alexa NFL Super Bowl Commercial 2020 - Flat Earth & Fake News Truth Revealed

the say it to you rigtht in the face and you think they joce about it

if they can fake any thing how do you now what is true ??

the truthi is out there search for it they are closing the internet 

are you living in reality or in a matrix