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Das "Bermuda Dreieck" in Alaska you can use a sub in youtube video a lot missing people

Hölle Kindergarten | Was Kindern in deutschen Kitas passiert | Kirchen dulden Original Play!

Black Queen Elizabeth II Or Imposter QE2 Clone Exposed?! #LionOfJudah @LOJSociety

African Saints, martyrs and popes

STAR ANGELS: Stars Are Angels As The Bible Said

Flat Earth NASA Clowns The Curiosity Mission Hoax 10Convert com

It Is Written: "Conspiracy, More Than Just a Theory: Moon Landing"

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Their livelihood depends on this lie. After the death of Gus Grissom that was enough to scare them all into submission.

his man is saying that there are pictures of earth and videos of earth from space. These are (images) they say images, are put together to fit a globe because it looks too flat. A so called scientist from NASA explains this. These are not the pictures but CGI and pieces put together to look how they want it, images are not the picture taken in live time but fabricated. The scientists themselves say so in interviews that they have never been past the Van Allen Belts and before they can take anyone there, they have to figure out how to get through safely. So that means that no one could have made it to the moon, safely. So if I wanted to know if the tax system was fair, I would ask the government and they would tell me, yes this is fair, even if you are living in poverty and being taxed for everything you have over and over and the property you think you own and have worked yourself til the day you die to pay, while being inoculated with pig, monkey aluminum, mercury and every manner of unclean thing, forced against your will. Making your mind and body Ill by, by passing the immune system. Oh yes the government tells us their taxes are fair because it benefits their agenda. The government is a god of which many serve, and believe over Gods Word.

Satelites are FAKE - NASA Hubble manager CLUELESS

Flat earth - Brand new Bubbles 2020 first all ladies space hoax BUSTED

ASA are at it again, the latest first all ladies spacewalk still went with a hitch and a huge fail

NASA Scientist Says World Should Prepare For Visitors

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To be well informed just follow 3 rules: 1- Do not trust the media 2- Do no trust NASA 3- Do not trust Government

Our Hidden History - 3000 Images - Influences of Tartary

Introducing Populations (San Francisco)

In this episode we explore the sudden introduction of the San Francisco population in 1849. We will also examine the aftermath of the earthquake and fire that leveled the city in the early 1800's. I almost did not make a video this week and at the last minute managed to pull one off. The video, editing, and thumbnail took about 6 hours (before midnight). Usually I spend a week making these. My dog ran away last Monday (fortunately only to the nearest neighbors house). I was so happy to see him again and told him I would stop making videos (or staring at the screen). It was a nice week and I felt more present and rested. I thought it would be ok to spend this Saturday evening making one little video. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. Thanks for all the kind support and love! I love you all!!! God bless. Link to 300+ new images of early San Francisco Support Link to backup channel My course on How I Make YouTube Videos. In this behind the scenes video I will show you all my secret video making techniques. Support this channel for free by clicking this Amazon link first and buying something you were going to purchase anyway. My Book About My Life and Philosophy (Read first chapter free on Amazon) My Art on Imagekind Old World Maps on Amazon Map of the World (Orbis Terrarum) by Petrus Plancius 1594 - Art Poster Print (16x20) World Map Antique Vintage Great Maps: The World's Masterpieces Explored

Russia Finds New Islands Revealed By Melting Arctic Ice

Strange Map Of A World Where Australia Doesn't Exist

Why No One's Allowed To Explore The Antarctic

I love it when the rules imply “because of human safety” what a load of shit. Just an excuse , governments don’t care about safety with guns. Cigarets and alcohol, but they care if we fall through the ice 🤣

Strange Anomalies At Bottom Of Ocean Near Antarctica

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Did illuminati have YK Osiris arrested?

YK Osiris Warns Other Artist About Selling Their Souls to the Music Companies

Tyga 'Sold His Soul to the Devil!!

Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, are clones. Katt Williams expose the Illuminati and it came true.

Dave Chappelle CLONING Compilation[PacLives]

Why Dave Chappelle Really Left Hollywood

PART 2 (NEW) 2019 100% Proof Illuminati Controls Music

Hidden Subliminal Messages in Popular Songs

ACHTUNG: Unterschwellige Botschaften in Werbung

In The Year 2525 - Zager and Evans - Cover - Remix - Pete Stark

Go back to school Greta! the Climate Change hoax

Reptilian Eye Objects-Elvis & Trump!

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Afrika im Würgegriff von IWF und Weltbank

Sei kein NAZI




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Released on a large scale into the oceans following the Gulf Oil Event, Craig Venter videos as Floyd Romesberg videos here and more coming about Synthetic Life being released into the Gulf and it self replicates, this has become known as the Zombi...





Human Waste being sold as fertiliser, this shit goes deep.

Oct 21, 2019 Cain Chameleons and The Ashkenazi Jews P4

Doja Cat - Rules (Meaning) (Reptilian/Cat Exposed)

Reptilians trying to hide shapeshifting MAGICK