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Gib mir 5 min. für : Ein zentrales Machtsystem

Die Warnhinweise eines Crashs

Witness the nuclear fear scam. Scientist eats uranium.

This video shows Galen Winsor eating uranium, something he did hundreds of times to show it is safe and fears are exaggerated by the energy industry.

Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist - Made in Hollywood!

Frauen in der Wahrheitsbewegung (Wo sind sie alle?)

Gib mir 5 min. für: Der gefakte Weltkrieg

Gib mir 5 min. für: Die erfundene Atombombe

Placebos & Nocebos: How Your Brain Heals and Hurts You

Placebo Effect - Surgery

Können negative Gedanken krank machen ? --- und positive gesund ?

Time is Speeding Up (Proof)

Time speeds up at night waring us out

Biggest Mandela Effect Time Is Passing By Faster - Time dilation

2018 IS STRANGE Part 4 - MARCH

2 suns filmed with 2 cameras (100% real. Must see)

Freitag, 30. März 2018



Scientists Create DMT Machine To Talk With ´´Fallen Aliens´´ (2017)

Jay Z Caught Shapeshifting On United Airlines Flight To LAX - (Jay-Z Reptilian)

Former illuminati insider: There are 2 types of Cloning

Buddhist Monk saw Buddha in HELL!! (english translation)

michael Jackson john lennon selena in Hell

For FULL Angelica Zambrano testimony link here:
Please please please do not idolize these celebrities and follow them to hell. Please repent and turn to Jesus and renounce the devils music.

Want to hear a demon talk? Video of demon talking out of a teenage girl
link here:

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Celebrities in hell
Angelica Zambrano
7 Columbian Youths
April and Wayne Show

Selling SOULS to the Devil: PROOF Lucifer runs the MUSIC INDUSTRY..

Hollywood Acting using Demonic Methods (Part 1) Illuminati

Anime's Occult Deception Exposed! (illuminati) Part 1/5!

Real Plane vs Fake Plane, You Decide?

WW2 Fake Planes - Dummy Aircraft

Project Blue Screen; Fake Chemtrail Plane Images and More

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fake vs reality

FLAT EARTH BRITISH, Unearthing The Past !" So How Many Pyramids At Giza?/ Shouting Comments!

01 Ancient Chinese Worship ShangDi of the Bible 中國先祖敬拜獨一真神 01

we live on in matrix and we do not

there are a lot of bok to explain where we live in and what is haapening to us riggt now. in book and movies there is knownlege you have only connect the dots and you will see the truth so we go.
the bible is summery of world history based on truht with some changes trough history to scare people and to be easy to be controlled by the rulers so you have to wait for the savior he will save you.
thats was they are teaching us.
but he has alerdy come j dont know when but there a lot of information that says that all been fullfilled  (book of revalation)

Samstag, 17. März 2018

the reason why some think that they are gay

Did 1,000 years of history destroyed? Yes.Coins are one Proof. Must See to believe.

Hidden Prove The quran is Fake

2018 Academy Awards Extravaganza

Two broke girls Transvestigation|The Sky Is Faling Transvestigations

what if we talked about important matters

the have it easy on us to controll us they have us well taught to be scared of our free opinions and to share it with others.
thera are a lot of people to come on this site. so if people would make their own page to share the information with others how big would be the knownlege be on this world and the fear would be less.

just a tought

The Five Trillion Dollar Cold War Hoax

9/11 NO FLOORS: A Transparent Deceit

9/11 twin towers hollow .. no floors .. 2017


Afghanistan war HOAX lies down Nothing to See here Liars and HOAXERS

Benjamin Freedman on World War 1 & 2 - Hoax of the 20th century

FAKE WARS MATTER: "Military Weaponry" is ALL Just Hoax Bullshit

Freitag, 16. März 2018

Black People Ruled Russia & All Europe During The Dark Ages - IUIC

BLACK Arabs enslaved WHITES Also...

ALL Original Slaves were WHITE - 100%

The myth of race, debunked in 3 minutes

Human Race to be Replaced by Clones: NWO plans revealed Pt2

38 commercials of 2016 promoting race mixing ; mudshark indoctrination

The Race Mixing Agenda

The NWO Race Mixing Agenda (Mirror)

Dienstag, 13. März 2018

2018 IS STRANGE Part 1 (introduction)

American Satan | Celebrities Selling Their Soul | One Eye Symbolism ▶️️

The earth is: Not Spinning, Not Orbiting, Not Moving. #FlatEarth

Neil deGrasse Tyson Proves the Flat Earth is Round

5 FIVES of the swastika, but why the pattern in a pre-Church building.

Mount Sinai- proof of the supernatural

Sonntag, 11. März 2018

Mars Hoax

BIG SECRET Hidden in Plain Sight - Clones / Immortals / Reincarnation / Genetic engineering?

Book of Enoch: REAL STORY of Fallen Angels, Devils & Man (NEPHILIM, ANCIENT ALIENS, NOAHS FLOOD

Mind Blowing evidence of the First Earth Age. This is the Age of Disclosure, aka the Great Awakening. Shatter the paradigm the Elites taught you, that you evolved from pond scum and life is meaningless happenstance... SHATTER THE PARADIGM that has imprisoned your mind and become all that God created you to be. Step up and take your place in the Great Awakening... the most exciting time in all of Human History. The TRUTH will set you FREE.

DO YOU WANT TO GET SAVED? Here is a link to a prayer and intro on my website if you need help:
My NDE/OBE of hell with ground made of souls:

Petrified limestone human leg inside cowboy boot from 1936:

Petrified human finger:

Petrified hammer is sediment layer of geological column dating back to dinosaurs

11 foot tall stalagmites and stalactites, less than 40 years old

DNA Proof of 200ft Human Giants - AGE OF DISCLOSURE channel with
Roger Spurr of Mudfossil University

Anatomy, transition metals, veins of gold, colors of stones - Roger Spurr of Mudfossil University

Dr. Carl Baugh - Creation Evidence Museum - Artifacts That Challenge Evolution Hands Down Evidence

Dr. Carl Baugh -

Credit clips and recommended channels:
Mudfossil University
Dictionary of Truth
Age of Disclosure

Hero's Theme by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Geology, anatomy, Science, Giants, Nephilim, watchers, book of Enoch, new age, end of an age, evolution, Jesus is coming. Jesus Christ, God, Holy Spirit, Holy Bible , Bible prophecy, Great Awakening, petrified forest, creation = intelligent design, the mountains were alive

FLAT EARTH BRITISH, ""Musk" Fake News & The Media Campaign Against Flat Earth.

Dinosaurs Never Existed, but who did?

100 Reasons Why Evolution Is STUPID! - Kent Hovind Christian Creationist

NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins

Nephilim: TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim

Nephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil, the Nephilim. NEPHILIM (FULL) DOCUMENTARY - Journey into the world of Fallen Angels, Satan, Shadow People, Aliens, Demons, Anunnaki, Archons, Ancient Giants, "Ancient Aliens" & Genetic Hybrids.

GOD Dimension: Is GOD REAL?

Nephilim (NEW) : A TRUE Journey into the Dark Dimensions. For Nephilim 2 disc DVD
The Two Disc Nephilim Collector's Set contains 3 Nephilim Documentaries -- Two of which are not currently up for public view.

Other Documentaries available at God in a Nutshell:

NephS: A NEW Trey Smith documentary on Nephilim

Nephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil takes a deep look at human genetics, elongated skulls, "Nephilim Skulls" ancient giants, "Nephilim giants" giant skulls (fragments) and Neanderthal skulls (genetically) -- all this in an EASY walk through of precise Hebrew, Babylonian - Sumerian, Egyptian & Book of Enoch accounts of Nephilim / Annunaki, Ancient Alien / Demons, Fallen Angels, and even the father of all lies --- Satan... From the depths of the underworld & Lucifer (Luciferian) occult of Hell's gates.... to the ancient pages of Biblical revelation and prophecy... to the very words of prophecy from the lips of Jesus Christ Himself....

Nephilim: A journey from heaven to hell... and the genetic hybrids & entities between.
-- Nephilim by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell project

Nephilim: the Nephilim documentary is a FULL in-depth EXAMINATION of Ancient Giants, Ancient Aliens, Fallen Angels, Anunnaki / Nephilim, Ancient Elongated Skulls... and FULL details of Egyptian & Babylonian occult - sometimes called "Luciferian"

Nephilim (DEFINITION): The Nephilim (nɛfɨˌlɪm) were the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" in Genesis 6:4. The pre-flood / post flood, genetic hybrids of the ancient world. Ezekiel 32:27 "the fallen mighty (גִּבֹּורִים נֹפְלִים) of the uncircumcised (Nephilim), which are gone down ( יָרְדֽוּ) to the grave (hell) with their weapons of war. These are but a few of the writings from the Bible, the Book of Enoch and cultures around the globe.... demons to some, genetic hybrids to more, fallen angels to others, and "underworld gods" to still more.

Nephilim: Ancient Aliens Debunked, L A Marzulli, Steve Quayle, David Icke, Chris White (Ancient Aliens Debunked)

Nephilim: Other videos by Trey Smith
Evolution: Tale of Modern Myth
Theory of Everything by Trey Smith
Enoch: Book of Enoch
Benny Hinn: TRUE STORY of Greed vs. God
Choice by Trey Smith ------------- Nephilim Video Details & Contributors ------------

Nephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil by Trey Smith

Nephilim - produced by Trey Smith (author of Thieves & producer of Theory of Everything)

Nephilim - Hebrew Translations (& Nephilim text translations) by Rabbi Brian Hall (in Hebrew, Rabbi Abir Baruch Hallel), Senior Rabbi of Beth Yeshua Synagogue Newton/Boston, Ma

Nephilim - Video Footage of Elongated Skulls by Brien Foerster, Inca Tours, as well as the Dr.'s and research professionals on his team

Nephilim - Special Consultant Advisory thanks on Mathematics & the Universe to Dr. Carl Smith,

Nephilim - Special Consultant Advisory thanks on Neanderthal Skulls, Facial Growth, Brows & Wisdom Teeth (Neanderthal's are Humans with long life-spans) to Dr. Jack Cuozzo, 33 yrs career in Oral Biology, Paleontology, Study of EXTREMELY slow genetic growth / maturity rates in "Neanderthal" (ancient human) children -and - credited with taking the first cephalometric (orthodontic) radiographs in the history of Neanderthal fossils (1979-1991)

Nephilim - Voice Overs by former FOX NEWS VO artist & owner of MarrsHarris Creative, Rick Hummer

Nephilim - music by German composer Michael Donner
-and also-
Nephilim - music by US composer Trevor DeMaere

Nephilim video is dedicated to Jesus Christ. "So as in the days of Noah, so also shall it be in the days of the return of the Son of man...." ---------------- End of Nephilim Video Details ------------------

Thieves: One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him (OFFICIAL WEBSITE) -

Nephilim video will be available NOW

Are These BIZARRE UFOs A Sign Of ''War In The Heavens''?


YAHU'AH IS NOT god!! STOP CALLING HIM god! god is satan's name

Ephesians 4:18=Being Darkened in their understanding, excluded from the life of YAHUAH because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart; WE MUST GUARD THE NAME OF YAHU'AH HE IS NOT the WICKED god THAT god you call on is satan! We all had a covenant marriage with and before while in Christianity with god we were married to god now we have crossed over divorce and married Our true HUSBAND(ASH) YAHUAH SO WE SHOULD GET RID OF THROW AWAY ALL THE OLD husbands things Christianity AND THE NAME
THINK ABOUT THIS IF you CALLED Your Husband or Wife By Your Ex boyfriend Ex girlfriend or Ex Wife Ex Husband NAME you WOULD BE MAD ANGRY!
YaKazyal/Ezekiel 36:23
I will Show the SET-APARTNESS of MY GREAT NAME, which has been Profaned Among the Nations, The Name you have Profaned among them. Then the nations will know that I am YAHUAH, declares the Sovereign ALUAH/ALMIGHTY-ONE YAHUAH, when I am proved SET-APART through you before their eyes. SHAMUTH/EXODUS 23:13=Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other deities; do not let them be heard on your lips.

HUSHA/Hosea 2:17I will remove the names of the Baals from her lips; no longer will their names be Invoked. THE FULLNESS OF HIS NAME IS YAHUAH LET US SET HIM APART MAKE HIM KNOWN PRAISE AND BOW DOWN TO HIS NAME!
DABARYM/Deuteronomy 12:3=Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones and burn their Asherah poles in the fire; cut down the idols of their deities and wipe out their names from those places.

THE MOST HIGH COULD BE ANYONE =satan allah jehovah jesus shua your children your husband Identify the TRUE ALUAH ALMIGHTY-ONE HIS NAME THE GREAT YAHUAH!!
YAHUSHA spoke you DENY Me before man I will DENY you before my Father(AB) on that DAY(YUM) of Judgement
MATTHEYAHU/Matthew 10:33

Yahusha not Jesus,The true Name of the Son of Yahuah (Father in Heaven)

Find out the true Name of the Creator's Son. Find out why "Jesus" is NOT the name that was given to the Son of the Creator, Who is Yahuah?

Hadith & Qur'an PROOF the Vatican created Islam

Why You Should Eat a Plant Based Diet according to the Bible

Jesuit Priest Behind Big Bang Theory

"Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i.e., the Jesuit Order] was expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities, for engaging in political intrigue and subversion plots against the welfare of the State, according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute [i.e., Thomas J. Campbell]. Practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue, political infiltration, political subversion, and inciting to political insurrection." (1987) J.E.C. Shepherd (Canadian historian)
People believe in the big bang theory as if it were absolute fact, and ridicule people who don't believe lies the education system teach. The education system misinforms people about a superior food source and resource Cannabis/Hemp.

Check out a free documentary Antimatter: The Future is Now

Alberto Rivera Ex Jesuit Priest exposes Antichrist Pope

Origin of the Muslim religion

Did you know the Muslim religion was created by the Catholics? Origen of the Muslim religion as told by Rev. Kent Hovind


More Historic Proof Popes Created Islam!

Kaaba is a Shiva Temple: Kaaba or Shiva Linga

Spanish man destroys Muslim after reading 'The People vs Muhammad'

Arab guy goes into meltdown after reading 'The People vs Muhammad'

How the Vatican Created Islam

How the Vatican created Islam. The astonishing story from an ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, which was told to him by Cardinal Bea while he was at the Vatican.

Samstag, 10. März 2018

HUGE BIBLE LIE, When Was The Book of Revelation Written

FakeX SpaceX Rewrites History Changes Original Upload To Mask Fraud - GAMECHANGER

Should have known this fake ass company lying to the World now has the ability to rewrite history! I'm so livid. This is a game changer and people need to take note now. NO ONE on YouTube is allowed to go into their old videos and edit them. You have to re-upload the edited version and lose all of your previous views, comments and likes and obviously, the evidence is right there... you changed your August 2nd video and re-uploaded it August 6th. Not SpaceX. They have been allowed to go in and change their February 6 video, with no way for anyone to tell, corrected the two same camera issue and now, history has been changed. They can even say I faked my video because they have their original Live video up, with the views and likes and all comments and a February 6 upload date even though they have changed their live streamed video.

Does this not show you what is happening here? THEY HAVE CHANGED LIVE HISTORY! It is the worst thing I have ever seen from any channel or any website. I am so pissed. This cannot be allowed. We need to boycott or somehow make the world know that we now have companies that Google and YouTube are allowing to CHANGE HISTORY!!!

If you'd like to get a response from Jeran, please try speakpipe

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(New Series) Dynamo Exposed as Working With Demons/Jinns 1 of 5

FLAT EARTH BRITISH ,Whats the Real Age of Photography? pt 1

Join Martin liedtke today to look at the true age of Photography.We examine the first photographs ever presented to us.And asking the Question are some selective photos.of a previous civilization.which existed in the near past..Not in vast antquaty as is told..Looking at Famous Historical photos for there hidden agendas.Never underestamat the power of the Photograph.....part 2 to Follow.And maybe more...I hope you find it interesting. The oldest Photos on Earth?

Best Of NASA's Fails Compilation/UNREFUTED PROOF OF WIRES | 2017

FLAT EARTH BRITISH, Live ! "How To Build An Ark " & Towers Of Babel.

Flaturday with Flat Earth British Live! Tonight things will get very freaky indeed ,The Complete plans For an "Ark" have been presented to me by some incredibly strange synchronicity, And the building of the "Towers" of Babel ,and industrial waste lands all in unbelievable detail in a i177 Leide Atlas .All will be presented ,all will be explained ,so i hope to see you all in the live chat. So please this time do buckle in Kansas is well and truly a bye bye! The Ark Atlas and links to all shown Age of chaos And all the info on the FE UK Convention and the new trailer and the seekinninja and Crrow777 Martinliedtke7& for any question
v=c02iVaQCiLY&t=2371s And don't forget FEB Sub lee all Gold Thanks for coming by i hope you enjoyed the evening ,please feel free to sub ,or like or share this video ,peace & Love all :) see you all soon for more FEB Think tanks , oi!

FLAT EARTH BRITISH, The Perfect Cover Story &"The Battle Of The Tunnels".

Was the battle of titanic Battle Of the Somme In World War One ,and more specifically the Battle of the tunnels a cover story for something much more sinister? In this post we look into the possibly of the Huge mines exploded on the morning of the 1st of July 1916 were actually destroying pyramid structures ,and much older tunnel systems from our predecessors.We also look into the accounts of entire armies vanishing in no mans land in the theatres of the War to End All Wars ,only it wasn't was it? More to come very soon on Flat Earth British links to today's cool stuff . First FEB Sub And the swimmer by Phillip Drushinin v=kVP9ur1_rlw And all hail it's the return of Geoshifter and the detals to the FE UK Convention 2018 peace & love people please don't forget to click the notification's bell to keep up to speed on all things Flat Earth British.:) See you all soon God willing.

Wahlbetrug in Deutschland: Professor beweist systematische Manipulation bei Briefwahlstimmen