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Warum Hausgeburten schlecht fürs "Geschäft" sind

is going to europe

only men approwed by eu?

Morpho : Best Shapeshifter Of All Time?

The Mysterious Little People Of The Cherokee

Soldiers Encounter Mermaids During World War 2

The world is a vampire". Shocking review of Billy Corgan's Paranormal Shapeshifter.

reptiliens or vampires

Where To Find The Draconian Reptilian Race Schools

his video is about to change the whole world right now A lot of platforms keeping making videos with no solution on how to stop the draconian reptilian

Poison on our Plate | Ramanjaneyulu GV | TEDxHyderabad

Is our food safe? A red alert question that Ramanjaneyulu, puts out to all of us. Hear him talk about the quality of food we are eating. Listen to the reasons we need to adapt to organic farming as a results of excessive use of chemical pesticides and horrifying facts and statistics, surrounding them. He alerts us to the damage we are doing to our ecological footprints. In his heart wrenching talk, Ramanjaneyulu, highlights the plight of farmers and the reasons they commit suicide and the many reasons that farmers and farming should not die. “We are what we eat and plants give us what we feed.” He is waging a war against the use of pesticides in agricultural activities and has challenged the traditional methods of farming. Apart from running the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture as the Executive Director, he also runs a small outlet, Sahaja Ahaaram, which stocks pest-free products from farmers. After leaving his full-time government job, Ramanjaneyulu dedicated himself to the benefit of farmers and his campaign, ‘India for Safe Food’. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

How Our Food is Poisoned

Most of our food is tainted and we do not even know it. We normally think about not eating processed foods as a good thing to avoid preservatives but little did I realize there is varying degrees of pesticides in our food. Doing countless hours of digging I have found various references to the amount of glyphosate in various typical foods. In particular, you will want to hear this about GM fed grain products. Glyphosate in honey: Lawsuit on glyphosate: High dose of weed killer in cereals: Amount of glyphosate in various common foods: Glyphosate in our food chain (typical levels): (Get this audio book for free just for trying.) (Support more videos like this along with getting a bunch of perks.) (Buying any product after clicking my link helps my channel.) My Channels: #glyphosate #leakygut #herbicidesinmeat

UK Farmers Are FURIOUS About This New Tesco Supermarket Ad

copied comments

I’d rather be furious than in a queue watching my friends and family being brutally killed and knowing that I’m next. Not nice to have to sorry about your financial future though, of course. I hope the farmers can find a better way as the world becomes more and more vegan/plant-based.

LOL If all it takes to "demonize" meat is to show someone choosing not to eat it then they're in worse trouble than we all thought

Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2019

Die gekauften Demonstranten von „Extinction Rebellion“

Im Zusammenhang mit den Klimademos in Europa ist eine Protestbewegung aufgetaucht, welche sich selbst „Extinction Rebellion“ nennt. Diese sogenannte Graswurzelbewegung wurde im Oktober 2018 gegründet und ist bereits global aktiv. Angeblich beteiligen die Aktivisten sich ausschließlich aus idealistischen Gründen an den Klimademos. Doch in Wirklichkeit sind, laut der britischen Tageszeitung The Guardian, viele Demonstranten von „Extinction Rebellion“ gekaufte Statisten

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freemason Magazines featuring Greta ThunBERG

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The Secret of Magic - Fallen Angels and the LIE

Be sure to like, share with friends, and subscribe if you haven't already. In this video concerning magicians and the secret we expose the true secret of their power. What is truly behind these magicians. We discover that Satan and his angels are deceiving the world by signs and wonders which to the world look innocent and harmless. Also see the Video Babble-ON Also be sure to sign up for our free newsletter: For those who haven't already, you can get our newsletter by mail by subscribing here.

Shape Shifting left eye

Prince Harry hoofing it ..

Shapes like horses.

seatle h o-a,x ???

Dear Americans, for this following excerpt, it is by and large not necessary to have german language skills.

During this time, I'll show you 4 video scenes, in which it first comes to a blackout and then the attack in Seattle. Could it be that there is a blackout? For your information: the German word "Stromausfall" = "blackout" I will not go into the blackout in this video. In another German video I have detailed talked about a staged blackout. 4 NEW SPECTACULAR SEATTLE ZEPPELIN SCENES Min. 6:00 - 8:58 There are 4 new stunning Zeppelin scenes related to the staged attack in Seattle. THESE RESEARCHER ARE ALSO WORKING ON SEATTLE Min. 29:53 - 31:39 More information: I recommend you to watch these videos above all: YouTuber: TM Films YouTuber: RD2S Prod. (most part in english) An additional information: The researcher "Celina Yvonne" translates "Saviers" videos with English subtitles.