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Das "Bermuda Dreieck" in Alaska you can use a sub in youtube video a lot missing people

Hölle Kindergarten | Was Kindern in deutschen Kitas passiert | Kirchen dulden Original Play!

Black Queen Elizabeth II Or Imposter QE2 Clone Exposed?! #LionOfJudah @LOJSociety

African Saints, martyrs and popes

STAR ANGELS: Stars Are Angels As The Bible Said

Flat Earth NASA Clowns The Curiosity Mission Hoax 10Convert com

It Is Written: "Conspiracy, More Than Just a Theory: Moon Landing"

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Their livelihood depends on this lie. After the death of Gus Grissom that was enough to scare them all into submission.

his man is saying that there are pictures of earth and videos of earth from space. These are (images) they say images, are put together to fit a globe because it looks too flat. A so called scientist from NASA explains this. These are not the pictures but CGI and pieces put together to look how they want it, images are not the picture taken in live time but fabricated. The scientists themselves say so in interviews that they have never been past the Van Allen Belts and before they can take anyone there, they have to figure out how to get through safely. So that means that no one could have made it to the moon, safely. So if I wanted to know if the tax system was fair, I would ask the government and they would tell me, yes this is fair, even if you are living in poverty and being taxed for everything you have over and over and the property you think you own and have worked yourself til the day you die to pay, while being inoculated with pig, monkey aluminum, mercury and every manner of unclean thing, forced against your will. Making your mind and body Ill by, by passing the immune system. Oh yes the government tells us their taxes are fair because it benefits their agenda. The government is a god of which many serve, and believe over Gods Word.

Satelites are FAKE - NASA Hubble manager CLUELESS

Flat earth - Brand new Bubbles 2020 first all ladies space hoax BUSTED

ASA are at it again, the latest first all ladies spacewalk still went with a hitch and a huge fail

NASA Scientist Says World Should Prepare For Visitors

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To be well informed just follow 3 rules: 1- Do not trust the media 2- Do no trust NASA 3- Do not trust Government

Our Hidden History - 3000 Images - Influences of Tartary

Introducing Populations (San Francisco)

In this episode we explore the sudden introduction of the San Francisco population in 1849. We will also examine the aftermath of the earthquake and fire that leveled the city in the early 1800's. I almost did not make a video this week and at the last minute managed to pull one off. The video, editing, and thumbnail took about 6 hours (before midnight). Usually I spend a week making these. My dog ran away last Monday (fortunately only to the nearest neighbors house). I was so happy to see him again and told him I would stop making videos (or staring at the screen). It was a nice week and I felt more present and rested. I thought it would be ok to spend this Saturday evening making one little video. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. Thanks for all the kind support and love! I love you all!!! God bless. Link to 300+ new images of early San Francisco Support Link to backup channel My course on How I Make YouTube Videos. In this behind the scenes video I will show you all my secret video making techniques. Support this channel for free by clicking this Amazon link first and buying something you were going to purchase anyway. My Book About My Life and Philosophy (Read first chapter free on Amazon) My Art on Imagekind Old World Maps on Amazon Map of the World (Orbis Terrarum) by Petrus Plancius 1594 - Art Poster Print (16x20) World Map Antique Vintage Great Maps: The World's Masterpieces Explored

Russia Finds New Islands Revealed By Melting Arctic Ice

Strange Map Of A World Where Australia Doesn't Exist

Why No One's Allowed To Explore The Antarctic

I love it when the rules imply “because of human safety” what a load of shit. Just an excuse , governments don’t care about safety with guns. Cigarets and alcohol, but they care if we fall through the ice 🤣

Strange Anomalies At Bottom Of Ocean Near Antarctica

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Did illuminati have YK Osiris arrested?

YK Osiris Warns Other Artist About Selling Their Souls to the Music Companies

Tyga 'Sold His Soul to the Devil!!

Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, are clones. Katt Williams expose the Illuminati and it came true.

Dave Chappelle CLONING Compilation[PacLives]

Why Dave Chappelle Really Left Hollywood

PART 2 (NEW) 2019 100% Proof Illuminati Controls Music

Hidden Subliminal Messages in Popular Songs

ACHTUNG: Unterschwellige Botschaften in Werbung

In The Year 2525 - Zager and Evans - Cover - Remix - Pete Stark

Go back to school Greta! the Climate Change hoax

Reptilian Eye Objects-Elvis & Trump!

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Afrika im Würgegriff von IWF und Weltbank

Sei kein NAZI




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Released on a large scale into the oceans following the Gulf Oil Event, Craig Venter videos as Floyd Romesberg videos here and more coming about Synthetic Life being released into the Gulf and it self replicates, this has become known as the Zombi...





Human Waste being sold as fertiliser, this shit goes deep.

Oct 21, 2019 Cain Chameleons and The Ashkenazi Jews P4

Doja Cat - Rules (Meaning) (Reptilian/Cat Exposed)

Reptilians trying to hide shapeshifting MAGICK

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Warum Hausgeburten schlecht fürs "Geschäft" sind

is going to europe

only men approwed by eu?

Morpho : Best Shapeshifter Of All Time?

The Mysterious Little People Of The Cherokee

Soldiers Encounter Mermaids During World War 2

The world is a vampire". Shocking review of Billy Corgan's Paranormal Shapeshifter.

reptiliens or vampires

Where To Find The Draconian Reptilian Race Schools

his video is about to change the whole world right now A lot of platforms keeping making videos with no solution on how to stop the draconian reptilian

Poison on our Plate | Ramanjaneyulu GV | TEDxHyderabad

Is our food safe? A red alert question that Ramanjaneyulu, puts out to all of us. Hear him talk about the quality of food we are eating. Listen to the reasons we need to adapt to organic farming as a results of excessive use of chemical pesticides and horrifying facts and statistics, surrounding them. He alerts us to the damage we are doing to our ecological footprints. In his heart wrenching talk, Ramanjaneyulu, highlights the plight of farmers and the reasons they commit suicide and the many reasons that farmers and farming should not die. “We are what we eat and plants give us what we feed.” He is waging a war against the use of pesticides in agricultural activities and has challenged the traditional methods of farming. Apart from running the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture as the Executive Director, he also runs a small outlet, Sahaja Ahaaram, which stocks pest-free products from farmers. After leaving his full-time government job, Ramanjaneyulu dedicated himself to the benefit of farmers and his campaign, ‘India for Safe Food’. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

How Our Food is Poisoned

Most of our food is tainted and we do not even know it. We normally think about not eating processed foods as a good thing to avoid preservatives but little did I realize there is varying degrees of pesticides in our food. Doing countless hours of digging I have found various references to the amount of glyphosate in various typical foods. In particular, you will want to hear this about GM fed grain products. Glyphosate in honey: Lawsuit on glyphosate: High dose of weed killer in cereals: Amount of glyphosate in various common foods: Glyphosate in our food chain (typical levels): (Get this audio book for free just for trying.) (Support more videos like this along with getting a bunch of perks.) (Buying any product after clicking my link helps my channel.) My Channels: #glyphosate #leakygut #herbicidesinmeat

UK Farmers Are FURIOUS About This New Tesco Supermarket Ad

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I’d rather be furious than in a queue watching my friends and family being brutally killed and knowing that I’m next. Not nice to have to sorry about your financial future though, of course. I hope the farmers can find a better way as the world becomes more and more vegan/plant-based.

LOL If all it takes to "demonize" meat is to show someone choosing not to eat it then they're in worse trouble than we all thought

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Die gekauften Demonstranten von „Extinction Rebellion“

Im Zusammenhang mit den Klimademos in Europa ist eine Protestbewegung aufgetaucht, welche sich selbst „Extinction Rebellion“ nennt. Diese sogenannte Graswurzelbewegung wurde im Oktober 2018 gegründet und ist bereits global aktiv. Angeblich beteiligen die Aktivisten sich ausschließlich aus idealistischen Gründen an den Klimademos. Doch in Wirklichkeit sind, laut der britischen Tageszeitung The Guardian, viele Demonstranten von „Extinction Rebellion“ gekaufte Statisten

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Greta ThunBERG BloomBERG BilderBERG Product

freemason Magazines featuring Greta ThunBERG

BloomBERG BilderBERG Product ThunBERG

The Secret of Magic - Fallen Angels and the LIE

Be sure to like, share with friends, and subscribe if you haven't already. In this video concerning magicians and the secret we expose the true secret of their power. What is truly behind these magicians. We discover that Satan and his angels are deceiving the world by signs and wonders which to the world look innocent and harmless. Also see the Video Babble-ON Also be sure to sign up for our free newsletter: For those who haven't already, you can get our newsletter by mail by subscribing here.

Shape Shifting left eye

Prince Harry hoofing it ..

Shapes like horses.

seatle h o-a,x ???

Dear Americans, for this following excerpt, it is by and large not necessary to have german language skills.

During this time, I'll show you 4 video scenes, in which it first comes to a blackout and then the attack in Seattle. Could it be that there is a blackout? For your information: the German word "Stromausfall" = "blackout" I will not go into the blackout in this video. In another German video I have detailed talked about a staged blackout. 4 NEW SPECTACULAR SEATTLE ZEPPELIN SCENES Min. 6:00 - 8:58 There are 4 new stunning Zeppelin scenes related to the staged attack in Seattle. THESE RESEARCHER ARE ALSO WORKING ON SEATTLE Min. 29:53 - 31:39 More information: I recommend you to watch these videos above all: YouTuber: TM Films YouTuber: RD2S Prod. (most part in english) An additional information: The researcher "Celina Yvonne" translates "Saviers" videos with English subtitles.

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The world is a stage clones operated by reptilians #GAME23

Have You Seen This ? Unbelievable Weather, Brazil Anomaly and Strange Videos...

They are now admitting to having fake sun technology!

ake sun and simulators

Transpocalypse Origins Part 2: Priests of the Goddess


Cain in the sun..Electro Magentic Wave distortions.They Live..

projekt blue beam

hmmmm... reptilians

Human / Alien Disguise Unmask - Ramstein Air Crash 1988

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Best NASA Fail Compilation Flat Earth Research

SATURN "WAVE" - Possible Plasma Double Layer Refraction

Analysis Of The Moon Hologram UFO

Waves Ripple Across the Moon

hologram moon

FREE ENERGY SOLID STATE DEVICE Andrey from Russia Kapanadze 1kw English subtitles

Free energy capacitors in Bangladesh

we are dumbed down

Colinear free energy antennas in our past

Unbelievable Videos You Can Never Unsee...

They Live 2 The Celebrities A Real Life Documentary

Berlin vs Polizei - Polizisten müssen Unschuld beweisen

sub in videocan be cganged

Römisch katholische Kirche erfindet Marienverehrung BMR # 3

They Live | Based on a True Story ▶️️

The Untold Truth Of They Live

The Truth In Plain Sight

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2019 IS STRANGE Part 12 // JULY - AUG

our sky is fake

this channel is great you schould bookmark this chanel to be ap to date

Epic Sun Simulator Evidence Fast Spinning Lens & SOLID PROOF of Rotation ! Birmingham UK

for what they invented it artificial s

demons of the sky still leaving their chem trail filth 8/25/2019 6pm

TI's Are Victims of Ritual Magic and Demonic Assignments

Demon magicians and "atheists"

Mud Flood in Saint John, NB. Hands ON Proof!!

Mud Flood in Canada. New Excavations Reveal Structures Under Parliament Hill.

Transpocalypse Origins Part 1: The Whore of Babylon

Reptilian Alien Female Caught On Live TV



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Oh the humanity the fake attack on Seattle on November 03, 2019

who knows ??

Oh the humanity der Fakeanschlag in Seattle am 03.11.2019

Journey to the Center of the Earth | North Pole Hidden Land

kepp in mind there are people that tell the tru with little lies so keep your eyes open and do you own research

old maps have knownlege

ow do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview?


While the mainstream media continues to distract the masses with Jeffrey Epstein, meanwhile, a widespread power outage affected millions within the London and Southern United Kingdom regions as of Fri. Aug. 9th, 2019. Said to be the largest U.K. “blackout” in a decade, this outage primarily impacted urban transportation as trains grounded to a halt, and cars wandered through intersections without functioning traffic lights. Although power has been restored, it seems as though there’s been a MAJOR “power outage” practically every single month now, for the past few months. This month was in Europe; last month as of Sat. Jul. 13th, 2019, a power outage left parts of New York City in darkness for hours, leaving thousands trapped in subway cars and elevators, and people guiding traffic at intersections. And let’s not forget about the “sudden” widespread blackout in South America as of Sat. Jun. 16th, 2019, affecting up to 50 million people, and up to five countries (all of Argentina and Uruguay, and parts of Paraguay, Chile, and Southern Brazil). Plus the power outage that impacted Fort Bragg, North Carolina as of spring 2019 — said to be the largest military installation in the world by population. It seems as though these past three widespread power outages (U.K., U.S., and South America) have all impacted their respective regions on WEEKENDS, affected up to MILLIONS of people, and happened “on such SHORT NOTICE.” Could all of this be PREPARATION for something even BIGGER? Especially since a few days ago, as of Wed. Aug. 7th, 2019, The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), issued their Emergency Alert System (EAS) test… According to FEMA: “ The test will assess the operational readiness of the infrastructure for distribution of a national message and determine whether improvements are needed.” With the 400-year anniversary of slavery in America right around the corner, What Is The BIGGER Plot? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! WAKE UP TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU AND SEE WHAT TIME IT IS! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — SO THAT YOU WILL BE PREPARED AT ALL TIMES!! ALSO SEE — MORE ON LOCUSTS IN LAS VEGAS!! ALSO SEE — MORE ON THE 400 YEARS!! ALSO SEE — WHY THE YEAR 2019 IS IMPORTANT! LEARN MORE! U.K. Power Outage (CNN): U.K. Power Outage (NYT): FEMA EAS Test 2019: New York Power Outage (CNN): South America Power Outage (QZ): Fort Bragg Power Outage (Army Times): DHS/NIAC Power Outage Report (94 Pages, Dec. 2018):

Dueling Gospel Traditions — Pro-Meat and Pro-Veg

There are two traditions within Buddhism: pro-meat and pro-vegetarian. Each have their own sutras or scriptures.
The same is historically true with Christianity: the original Jesus Movement or Hebrew Christians (sometimes called Aramaic Christians, Ebionites or Nasoraeans) with their gospels vs. scriptures associated with Paul and what evolved into the Roman church.
The Gospels of the Hebrews and Ebionites describe a vegetarian ethos: a vegetarian Jesus and vegetarian Apostles, a John the Baptist who ate carob (locust beans) — beans not bugs! and a rejection of ritual animal sacrifice, be it in pagan temples or the Jewish temple of Jerusalem.more...

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Südtiroler Eltern rufen zur Demo für Impffreiheit in Berlin auf (am 14. Sept. 2019)


hansel or gretel

if some one says your a rassist whites are bad

It is generally known that black people have been residing in European countries since the early colonial times. But even before the 15th century and during Roman times, a time when colour of skin still wasn’t a racist stigma but just another physical feature, black people lived in Europe. Remains of a man with black African features were found in England recently, dating his life back to the 13th century. Read this article for more info.

Besides that, facts have been found of black people living in different parts of Europe, although I don’t want to overstate their presence or influence. But it is generally known that during the Muslim era of the Iberian Peninsula (from the 8th century AD until the 15th century AD) people with dark skin were part of daily live. The Muslims who invaded Spain and Portugal around 700 AD were a mixture of black and dark people from North-Africa. They were often referred to as Maures, wrote about and painted, way before the dehumanization of black people started.

Black nobility in Europe? According to black Dutch researcher Egmond Codfried and author of the book "Belle van Zuylen's forgotten grandmother" there was black nobility in Europe, but there history and images were later carefully tucked away. His claims are controversial, and of course not accepted by European historians and the man in the street.

reserach the orgin ot the word slave in german sklave
h“late 13c., ‘person who is the chattel or property of another,’ from Old French esclave (13c.), from Medieval Latin Sclavus ‘slave’ (source also of Italian schiavo, French esclave, Spanish esclavo), originally ‘Slav;’ so used in this secondary sense because of the many Slavs sold into slavery by conquering peoples.”
From the Online Etymology Dictionary:


1250–1300; Middle English sclave < Medieval Latin sclāvus (masculine), sclāva (feminine) slave, special use of Sclāvus Slavic, so called because Slavs were commonly enslaved in the early Middle Ages; see Slav

how they made europe america austria white ???? 

Orphan Train
The Orphan Train Movement was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded Eastern cities of the United States to foster homes located largely in rural areas of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1854 and 1929, relocating about 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children.

they do that with every nation with other metods

rassism doesent exist national is normal anwe are all brothers in the name of our havently father so pleas do you research don be hate