Samstag, 12. Januar 2019


Jails and prisons are a farming system for keeping their stocks of criminal collection well supplied for running the drugs, weapons, murders and attacks on the public. As well for destroying human happiness and joy which keeps the person full of love. The isolation of putting men with only men and women with only women in cages is also working with their LGBTQ agenda. Stay out of their systems and tell all your people as well, work only on SELF that is the only way. I'm sure you all recall this officer who put his boot across the head of this woman a few years ago. They are in most of the ones being arrested as well as the ones who carry out the policy enforcement through their laws that are not for public safety but rather only for control.

Bank,Moonlanding fake, fed reserve mindcontrol

Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2019

human traficing


zero g

crazy stuff it wont stop

copy paste


florida game shooting

they want to controll the internet

what is real

whay are we still playing for elecricity

US Police Department

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2019

border control info is so huge

the veil is falling

glich in the matrix

State Sponsored Kidnapping of Children

We are one of the few news sources that regularly reports on the state-sponsored kidnapping of children away from families by using “Child Protection Services.”


insidejob worldvide ?

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j have no words

youtube channel martin liedke

seeing toronto from niagara falls flat earth

130 km away



what do you think about reality


the bible is real

To Bankrupt Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate


if you sum the last 8 post you have may be acknowledged that you food, soul you


Popeye and cartoons


mainstreammedia ....

Operation Mockingbird 

tv musik mainstream

Project MKUltra 

kuba and then world wide ?

stay behind other name false flag??

operation gladio

the land of free people

Operation CHAOS 

they dont teach your that in schools

instagram foundry time

 schould j stop ?

Dienstag, 1. Januar 2019

the importance of words and the meaning behind

there are some extra pics  to think about it  

share share share

what can you find if you really search


there is so much Priyanka Chopra - Hidden Hijra

share information dont let you be scared they will destroy depopulate us

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Muss die Polizei verschleiern ?

wenn deutshland fallt europa auf jedan fall?

Angriff "Shisa-Bar?" Hamburg.

deutschland schlaft

Das Dritte Geschlecht: 1. Neuerung 2019

can someone tell me whats is going on on in the world ?

j hear nothing new it is too quiet latley

WOrld population is gioing Down

big citys are death center that kills you j wont prove you any thing there are enough resurces for that on the internet
they are killing us with technology and porn money and material things
a new car you have legs
to calkulate today you use a calkulator bevfore you used your brain in india they count in their brains faster then with a calkulator