Dienstag, 1. Januar 2019

WOrld population is gioing Down

big citys are death center that kills you j wont prove you any thing there are enough resurces for that on the internet
they are killing us with technology and porn money and material things
a new car you have legs
to calkulate today you use a calkulator bevfore you used your brain in india they count in their brains faster then with a calkulator

they make us dumb that we dont feel anything we have eyes but we are blind
we have brains but we dont use it
we dont ask questions we belive
thats the education system it works we are dieing the world dieing



there is something big going on in this world how many people are really living on this world ???

but j think there should be no reason for fear
j see that many people are go away out of my country croatia
j think they make a big mistake but that will j talk later on

keep watching

it would be nice if you would share that information or leave a comment to help others to strenghten them to speak opently or make their own site to share information that the elites lose power ower us so that we get free of our chains

do something

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