Donnerstag, 30. November 2017

NASA LIES!! AstroNOT goofs and says that they are NOT in space!!

Mandela Effect: KJV Bible Changes, Bill Bean


North Korea missle threat hoax, nuclear weapons do not exist! FAIR USE FOX,MSNBC.

Believe Nothing the Fake News Media Tell You About War With North Korea

Mandela Effect | Heartbroken PASTOR TELLS congregation BIBLE has CHANGED! |

North Korea is a Fake CIA State - Jay Dyer

North Korea is in La La Land it doesn't exist

There Is No N-Korean Army On A Flat Earth (Only CGI Army) Kim Nuke-un

Something BIG is About to Happen in the FUTURE! 2017 2018


Reptilians Are Demons NOT Aliens (2017)


Selling SOULS to the Devil: PROOF Lucifer runs the MUSIC INDUSTRY..

sometimes they tell us the truth

Emma Watson turns into Sofía Vergara in front of cameras? (Reptilians) 2017

firefox has now add ons that trackink your web behavior or chek on your data

so j changed my browser from firefox to pale moon

Deutsche Reptiloide im Fernsehen ?

Reptilien im Fernsehen ! Achtung gruselig ! ! (Deutsch)

Dienstag, 28. November 2017

Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin & Transhumanism:RichieFromBoston & Nicholson1968

The Mandela Effect Movie Prediction Of CERN Parallel Realities Dimensions Howard The Duck


Nešto Se Čudno Dešava Sa Muškarcima Širom Sveta

Video Koji Će Vas Zbuniti - Mandela Efekti


Mandela efekt- Ana Bučević

Meldungen vom 28.11.2017

– Assistenzeinsatz für Schlepper
– Björn Höcke monatelang überwacht
– Vorweihnachtlicher Dschihad
– De Maizière: Blanker Zynismus oder Wahrnehmungsstörung
– Unpatriotische, machtgeile „Kaiserin ohne Kleider“
– Mit moralischem Druck: Merkel bettelt um GroKo
– Kom. N. Fest: Der neue Fetisch von Politik und Medien
– SozialarbeiterInnen vergewaltigt
– Lokalverbot für „Flüchtlinge “ in linker Kneipe
– Linke als Identitäre verhaftet
– Iran: Kriegsschiffe in den Golf von Mexiko
– Iran: Die USA müßten hunderte Atombomben einsetzen
– Umweltgift Elektroauto

Unter Missachtung des Völkerrechts! US-Imperium besetzen Syrien mit mehr als 10 Militärbasen!!

Polnische Info zur Flüchlingskrise in Deutschland wegzensiert+ Musel - Urteil+ Skandal: Lichtermarkt

Doctors Baffled As Man "TELEPORTS" Into Ceiling

Montag, 27. November 2017

Chronisch vergiftet - Monsanto und Glyphosat (ARTE Doku)

Glyphosat Die EU beweißt ihren Vernichtungswillen!

Italy's Shocking Underground Trade in Female Sex Slaves

Sohn war bei Freunden und schickte einen einzigen Buchstaben, Papa wusste sofort was zu tun war

A Feel Good Piece About A Shrinking Population

US Army Will Recruit Cutters, Mentally Ill And Drug Abusers Due To Poor Enlistment Goals

Super Puppet Putin (Zionist Jesuit Freemason)

Russian President Vladimir Putin – Dead?

Putin Is Dead! part 1: Ex-wife testifies all. Listen to the truth!

Sonntag, 26. November 2017

Lunar Wave 2017 - Must See! The moon hologram malfunctions again!

Is The Moon A Hologram?

The Names Of The Father And The Son

This Falling Away of 2 Thessalonians 2 shows that the Roman beast also changed the names of the Father and the Son.
That might sound crazy, but Satan’s goal is to undermine the worship of the Father and Son in any way that he can, and changing the names which people use does just that.
Messiah knows your heart, and in your ignorance you may have called Him Jesus, but friend, wouldn’t you like to call Him by the name that was given to Him by His Father?
Wouldn’t you like to use the Father’s personal, covenant name, instead of generic titles?
The New King James Bible clearly admits that it changed the Father’s covenant name,
The Covenant Name of God in the Old Testament, represented by the Hebrew consonants YHWH is translated “Lord” or “God” as it was in the King James.”
Friend, we should never change the Covenant Name of the Father

Flat Earth - NASA Graphic Designer Admits All Images about Space Are Fake Photoshopped CGIs

NASA Space Actor's Eyes on CGI Monitor

Walt Disney WAS Adolph Hitler. You be the Judge History Channeled

Mind Control Master Walt Disney and Nazi Wernher von Braun prepare the Space Hoax 1955

Does Werner Von Braun's Gravestone Prove Flat Earth?

Best voted Flat Earth Evidence Sept 2017


Why do people still think the Earth is flat? - BBC News

The Climate Change Hoax, with Professor Willie Soon at Camp Constitution 7-3-17

Global warming Is a Blatant Lie & this Short video proves it .

ACTUAL SCIENTIST: "Climate Change is a Scam!"

Flat Earth Simple Logic 🦉 Pt. 1 It's time to wake up to our geocentric immovable flat earth.

Earth's True Size And Shape, Flat Earth

Globe Caught Lying? Distortion vs Flat Maps Measure Over 10X

How the World Map Looks Wildly Different Than You Think

Welche Größe haben die Kontinente?

Fosil gigants


Bauwerke der Heroenkultur !

Der größte YouTube Skandal! #ElsaGate

Der wahrscheinlich größte Skandal den es auf YouTube jemals gab. Es handelt sich um #ElsaGate. Kindern werden gezielt verstörende Videos von dem YouTube-Algorithmus vorgeschlagen. 

Elsagate: Die organisierte Traumatisierung von Kleinkindern

Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Our fabbricated History! ”Roman” empire, the ancient “Greek” “civilisation” and slavery

History falsification as a mind control method. Greek temples. What is their antiquity?

Inventing Ancient Greeks

WASHINGTON—A group of leading historians held a press conference Monday at the National Geographic Society to announce they had "entirely fabricated" ancient Greece, a culture long thought to be the intellectual basis of Western civilization.
The group acknowledged that the idea of a sophisticated, flourishing society existing in Greece more than two millennia ago was a complete fiction created by a team of some two dozen historians, anthropologists, and classicists who worked nonstop between 1971 and 1974 to forge "Greek" documents and artifacts.
"Honestly, we never meant for things to go this far," said Professor Gene Haddlebury, who has offered to resign his position as chair of Hellenic Studies at Georgetown University. "We were young and trying to advance our careers, so we just started making things

Sonntag, 5. November 2017

Strange light from the Sun in Dorset UK, 16/10/17, hurricane ophelia 2017

What The Heck is with the blinking sun?

Why is Nobody Talking About This Strange Phenomena On Earth

Strange!!! The sun blinking in Benin and Nigeria

These People Do Not Exist 11/2/17

AI making up Fake people for staged events

Neil Disgrace Tyson is Falling Faster Than The Globe

Do You Believe In Magic? Apollo - Soyuz

Midnight Skies are Glowing ALL OVER THE WORLD

NOTRUF! Araber-Clans unterwandern Polizei in Berlin Spandau Ausbilder...