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Michelle Williams "Say Yes" Satanic Dedication Song

middle east news update BALKANIZING IRAQ WITH ISIS

7 D Hologram Show- Proof Alien Invasion Would Be Easy To Simulate

The Third Eye = Satanic Portal to The Demonic Realm

Dahboo77 and ALEX Jones push bullshit SAUDI story on ISIS HELLWARS

WAR is Live Fire DRILL Exercises not REAL Fake Hoax!

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Ополченцы взяли в плен восемь бойцов батальона "Айдар"

There was a lot of background chatter which I missed out, but the core dialogue is here
Rebel 1: Turn over, turn over, we need you alive for exchanges. Your side finishes off wounded fighters but we don't. Lay down, lay down. We gave you a tourniquet, appreciate it.
Wounded Prisoner: Water please...
Rebel 1: What?
Wounded Prisoner: Water
Rebel 1: Why dont yours carry water? We dont have any. Finished as well...
Rebel 1: From there they attacked us. Here is the Trophy BTR.
Rebel 1: Guys, give some water. Help him drink. Get some water. They'll bring you water soon. There is another tank burning there. Here, Ilyusha [Wounded Prisoner]...give him a drink, we're not bloodthirsty people. Here drink. Here drink. That good? You hang in there dude, survive. Enough? Enough?
Wounded Prisoner: [nods] me.
Rebel 1: How can I help you? You keep shooting at us. "Help me"...You shouldn't have started shooting. We cant raise our heads, we cant take away our own wounded. Lay down.
Rebel 1: Comrade Poroshenko, here lay your soldiers, here lay our soldiers. What do you need this for?
Rebel 2: I put down an icon for Gods forgiveness, for YOUR sins Poroshenko, for your American money. Here is your man, we are not finishing him off, but you keep executing our wounded. Cutting them...beasts. Here brother [gives water]. Dont finish him, maybe he will live.
Rebel 1: This phone is pissing me off. His phone is ringing. Where is the phone?
Rebel 2: Where is the phone?
Rebel 1: Turn over.
Rebel 1: Thats our BMD. Now ours...scumbags wanted to break through the checkpoint with two attacks...two tanks and two BTRs...scumbags...dont want to negotiate like human beings? bastards!
Rebel 2: We are with god, guys. And you are for dollars.
Rebel 1: We all have children, families...and you bastards for money...scumbags...
Rebel 3: In the treeline! In the treeline!
Rebel 1: Guys watch the treeline. RPG men, get ready. Watch that treeline.
Rebel 1: Well, they lost more than we..
Rebel 4: Who is inside?
Rebel 1: No one. No one. Ours are there. This one still alive? Ilyusha [wounded prisoner] you alive?! Ilya! Its over...
Rebel 4: I think he is dead.
Rebel 1: We cant even treat our own wounded...thats it...thats how it is comrades....God is with you.
Rebel 5: Does anyone have water here?
Rebel 1: What now? National Guard scum. I have 3 kids [inaudible]. We are not animals like you. We are not executing you.
Rebel 1: [National] "Guards" they will take them...I dont know to exchange or to jail.
Rebel 6: Is that a BTR or a BMP?
Rebel 1: Its a BMP, guys.
Rebel 1: Show your mug here! Are you happy, you scumbag. We dont kill our prisoners, unlike you.
Rebel 7: Who were you working as?
Prisoner: Gunner.
Rebel 1: How much are you paid?
Prisoner: 3,000
Rebel 1: Hryvnas a day?
Prisoner: A month
Rebel 1: So you came here to kill for 3,000 hryvnas a month?
Prisoner: No
Rebel 1: You a conscript?
Prisoner: No a contraktnik. (professional soldier on contract, but not part of regular army)
Rebel 1: Contraktnik? And you want to die here?
Prisoner: no
Rebel 1: They why did you come here!?!?!?! Rip up the contract and go home!
Rebel 2: So you came here thinking that you can kill, but no one can kill you?
Prisoner: No
Rebel 1: Then why did you come here?!?! Tell me you bastard. Tell me why did you come and bring-[inaudible]
Rebel 7: [inaudible]
Rebel 1: [inaudbile] did you cut off ears?
Prisoner: [shakes head]
Rebel 8: So you came to kill with this? Look at this stuff. Are these pastries? Did you come to give out pastries then? You came here with weapons? Why? Why did you come to my land with weapons?
Rebel 1: You are a fascist, you understand that?
Rebel 8: A fascist, he was promised supremacy here. [inaudible]
Rebel 1: You sold yourself to Americans, to Europe. You, as Slavs, to them are the same scum as Russians, as Kasakhs, as Belorussians. You are just meat [cannon fodder]. You dont understand that? They view us like slaves like they view all Slavs.
Rebel 1: What city are you from?
Prisoner 2: Uzhgorod(?)
Rebel 1: Uzhgorod?
Rebel 9: Let me take care of him first.
Prisoner 3: I was paid 2,400 hryvnas.
Rebel 1: And you moron, came here to kill for 2,400, hryvnas?
Prisoner 3: [inaudible]
Rebel 1: Do you have any children?
Prisoner 3: Yes, two.
Rebel 1: I have three
Rebel 11: Did you come here for money?
Prisoner 3: No
Rebel 12: Then for what? "Those that dont jump are Maskals"?
Prisoner 3: Was called up.
Rebel 1: Called up? To defend the motherland?
Rebel 11: A good job the "Motherland" did of defending you. She said: "Either 15 (years in prison) or go get shot at." Do you love Ukraine? [inaudible]
Rebel 1: (singing) "All my brothers have fallen, from mortar shells, but we stand our ground. And fight on bravely"
Edit: Thank you for the Gold! :)
Edit2: There are claims that what we are seeing is not actually "Aidar", but a unit of the 128th Mechanized Brigade that was sent to break "Aidar" out of encirclement, but was routed itself. Not sure if thats true at this point.

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2012 African Americans Ain't African

African Americans are not African? [Intro]

Illuminati Please Make Me a Real Boy!

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The REAL Reason Obama Traded Taliban Defector Bergdahl For Five Terrorists

NEW ISS Actornaut Having a Hard Time Aboard The ZERO-G

alien fossil shill

Bombardier Beetle and the Flat Earth


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Part 4 of the -101+ Working them Angels!

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Bruce Willis PROVEN FACT Reptilian Shapeshift Evidence

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