Sonntag, 10. November 2019

Das "Bermuda Dreieck" in Alaska you can use a sub in youtube video a lot missing people

Hölle Kindergarten | Was Kindern in deutschen Kitas passiert | Kirchen dulden Original Play!

Black Queen Elizabeth II Or Imposter QE2 Clone Exposed?! #LionOfJudah @LOJSociety

African Saints, martyrs and popes

STAR ANGELS: Stars Are Angels As The Bible Said

Flat Earth NASA Clowns The Curiosity Mission Hoax 10Convert com

It Is Written: "Conspiracy, More Than Just a Theory: Moon Landing"

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Their livelihood depends on this lie. After the death of Gus Grissom that was enough to scare them all into submission.

his man is saying that there are pictures of earth and videos of earth from space. These are (images) they say images, are put together to fit a globe because it looks too flat. A so called scientist from NASA explains this. These are not the pictures but CGI and pieces put together to look how they want it, images are not the picture taken in live time but fabricated. The scientists themselves say so in interviews that they have never been past the Van Allen Belts and before they can take anyone there, they have to figure out how to get through safely. So that means that no one could have made it to the moon, safely. So if I wanted to know if the tax system was fair, I would ask the government and they would tell me, yes this is fair, even if you are living in poverty and being taxed for everything you have over and over and the property you think you own and have worked yourself til the day you die to pay, while being inoculated with pig, monkey aluminum, mercury and every manner of unclean thing, forced against your will. Making your mind and body Ill by, by passing the immune system. Oh yes the government tells us their taxes are fair because it benefits their agenda. The government is a god of which many serve, and believe over Gods Word.

Satelites are FAKE - NASA Hubble manager CLUELESS

Flat earth - Brand new Bubbles 2020 first all ladies space hoax BUSTED

ASA are at it again, the latest first all ladies spacewalk still went with a hitch and a huge fail