Sonntag, 9. Februar 2020

Reptilian British Prime Minister Boris Johnson!

Male Genital Mutilation/Egyptian Satanic Practice

Reptilian Monster Mixing With A Crowd- Monstruo Reptil

Pope's Shape Shifting Hand/ Antichrist Power Is Reptilian!

a human need 3 second to see what he sees

they are hidding with tehnology 50 years ahead when not more what they are shoving us deepfake

Reptilian Humanoid

Kobe Hoax - Sound Witness & N-N-Numbers

Seattle Hoax-KOBE-Coincidences

Seattle Hoax-New VideoS show Staging

Jimmy Savile Took Young Girl To Prince Philip In Buckingham Palace - Prince Andrew

this world has secrets that will be revealed

0.000001 prozent controll the world  with lies and fearmorgering