Sonntag, 25. März 2018

we live on in matrix and we do not

there are a lot of bok to explain where we live in and what is haapening to us riggt now. in book and movies there is knownlege you have only connect the dots and you will see the truth so we go.
the bible is summery of world history based on truht with some changes trough history to scare people and to be easy to be controlled by the rulers so you have to wait for the savior he will save you.
thats was they are teaching us.
but he has alerdy come j dont know when but there a lot of information that says that all been fullfilled  (book of revalation)

so what ???
is this important ???
they have us imprisoned us into belive we have to wait for the hero to rescue us we can not do anything trapped in this tgought we are failed to imorove.
we are scared or given up to say others what is going on in the wordld
mostly dont care they just want to live a happy life.
so the matrix has you really bad and the only way to escape is the the truth
but how do you find it
you have to be just like a dectetive you to see for simalaritys

if you look HIS story you  will see they are telling you the hidden story about this world
i dont even now where to start
so the book of  Henoh is wort to read the bible to and the book  aporhipya so you can easly conect the dots
bible reincarnation proof

the proff of civilation bevore adam eve

gigants world wide

we all may be reincarnationed in this world becaus we haven failed to following the rules sins.

we live a live that we all choose for ourself because it helps not when you say j didnt now you have to educate yourself if you dont do you will stay be ipprisoned in this world
the information is out here.
all has done foor all of us now we have just do wake up and the only way is to educate yourself i you dont you will not see the lie an so you will not find way out.
they give us hereos and then they kill them
Martin luther king
princes Diana
fake shotings
celebrity clones

the want you to be perverted from you birth

transgender the want you to like you fallen to blind you

there is a lot more so go on if you will escap the truth you have to educate yourself and tell about others if you don you cant recive anything.
so you have to pland something to harvest

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