Sonntag, 1. September 2019


anime is mostly about some love with sexual content caled ecchi that is how they get the atention of women how what they have to dfo how to get their beloved

the man harem i have no time do your job what j can see the man the real man where are they

ducation to humans that women are less worth turning them into pets

women kids copy that

women are easy manipuled they want to be loved and want to be protected by their man

the women wearing lesser and lesser i am disapointed of today human whay are we alowing this if they destroy the women the world will be destroyed
then elohim(god) made the women the last bevore he rested that we should now to cherish them

womens underwear and bikini

the today man dont care what their women are wearing and fear their women when they say anything the sader thing that the childern are wearing less too
there are more childern childern that are pregrent at age of 9

today carton is porn keep watching what your fellow is watching everywhere is porn tv music

they turn the whole world in sodom and gomora

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