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NEW SCANDAL IN THE VATICAN The head of the Swiss Guard : A secret society of gay men threatens the safety of the Pope********************************************A secret society of homosexuals in the Vatican challenge the Pope's safety , according to a former IRGC commander of the papal Swiss Guard Colonel Elmar Mäder , who came to this office as a highly professional aviation officer , and commanded the army of tiny picturesque tiny state and the powerful Holy See of the 2002nd to 2008th
In order to cleanse : Colonel Mäder not talking about homosexual tout court , or risk attributed to their preferences . He says , quite clearly, the secret association (which is organizationally stronger and structurally dangerous than lobbies , ie, pressure groups ) , where homosexual practice secret that associated links and blackmailing .no exception
That homosexuality is permitted and tolerated in public , it can not be manipulated. But since it was repressed sexuality and condemned homosexuality , it survives only as tacitly tolerated , but the threats and the threat of destruction of existence necessarily suggests homosexual one to the other - and it gives a powerful weapon in the hands of those who are prone to manipulate the neighbors , organize them for the purpose of self-promotion .
The Catholic Church is no exception among indoor environments .
That's what the colonel spoke Mäder weekly Schweiz am Sonntag , a part of his memory and his score was published in last Sunday .
He finds that the " work environment in which a bunch of single men alone bait for gay , whether they do it consciously or unconsciously seek follow instinct ."
The colonel says that I have no problems with homosexuality , but expressed concern that the gay world " loyal to each other than to other people or institutions."
This Mäder , perhaps unwittingly , described a typical defense mechanism disadvantaged minorities ( which is expressed in a compact ethnic immigrant groups , the African-American population, where the term " brother " suggests that the correlation among blacks , a priori closer than anyone with different skin colors , etc. . ) .' Can not sleep peaceful '
Madera score arrived as a sort of comment since the earlier unidentified former member of the Papal Swiss Guard announced , also in Switzerland , it is the service received at least 20 " indecent proposals" on the side of cardinals, bishops and priests of the employees within the Vatican walls , in the institutions of the Holy See .
The same newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag said the words that soldier who claims that he is at night, after they got steak and spinach , the priest told his guests : " ... and you will be dessert ."
Madera assessment met with criticism in circles that are committed to equality of homosexuals .
" Homosexual are statistically the least violent groups in human society , even if the Pope is indeed surrounded homosexual , can sleep peaceful " , scored on Franco Grillin , former MP and president Gayneta .
On the other hand , a few days later they fell victim arrest warrant Msgr . Nunzio Scarano and his longtime partner , who were covering each other and helped each other , even akumuliravši 6.5 million just as a tribute of money that the " Vatican Bank " IOR " washed " in a joint crime . ( Morning ) source

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