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Electrical storm with lightning horizontal engulfed half of Britain Juba / 1 day ago

Author : Ljubica Carp
Matrix World
United Kingdom in the last few months had the opportunity to go through the storm to storm , and all has been named the " storms of the century . " After the huge waves , floods and hurricanes British Isles have experienced so far unseen horizontal lightning accompanied by large hailstones and heavy rain .
Meteorologists at the mercy
British Isles are known for changing weather in strong rain , it would appear that the meteorologists so far experienced everything you could see in all nestalnijoj climate of Great Britain , still images of horizontal lightning that could be observed in almost half of the territory of the United Kingdom has one showed that nature can still astound with their force .
Veliki komadi tuče su padali po Britaniji.The wider surroundings of London , the Midlands and East Anglia were under attack from the stronger of 128 kilometers per hour , with occasional rainfall hail that was weighing up to a pound .Large hailstones fell by Britain .
Large hailstones fell by Britain . Photo Property AngelTR4 , removed from Twitter.
Brimingham and surrounding areas suffered the greatest number of lightning strikes and hailstones bigger than a pound could be found and the immediate area of Leicester .
Because trees spread on railways and highways in the southwestern part of England , particularly around Warwikshirea , traffic has suffered major delays , while the deadlock could be seen in the area between London and Norwich .
The Daily Mail believes that Britain will experience flooding in the coming days due to the large amounts of rainfall , especially in the southern and western areas while worsening the condition expected primarily in the areas of Wiltshire , Dorset , Hampshire , West Berkshire and Surrey during the next week .
U nedavnim olujama nastradala je i Cumbria s velikim plimnim valom i poplavama.In the recent storms were the victim and Cumbria with a large tidal wave and flood .
In the recent storms were the victim and Cumbria with a large tidal wave and flood . Photo Property North News & Pictures Ltd. .
Let us not forget that the vast areas of Somerset still under water , and the secluded villages can be reached only with the help of a boat . Somerset Management believes that the situation is serious enough that it can be said to have passed the point of no return , and that they need help from all over the country to make , how much , to prevent the disintegration of infrastructure in the district. The British Prime Minister has received a request to send the army in this area , and the lack of pumps and heavy machinery that can be maintained levees and dams has become chronic.
Similar problems are already struggling for weeks and Sedgemoor district , but it is believed that similar problems arise in other surrounding districts because rain is still falling over most of Britain .
horizontal lightning
Matrix World has so far had a chance to write about the many incredible atmospheric optical phenomena (links are at the end of the text ) , but we are particularly concerned with horizontal lightning .The British had the opportunity to see a series of horizontal lightning in a recent storm .

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