Montag, 27. Januar 2014

Obama is a CULTIST. He's a kook.

We Know The Secrets of The Federal Reserve

A couple years ago, DW ULSTERMAN posted a column (see link in comments, below) explaining how a Democrat campaign operative attended the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

The Democrat operative (possibly Kam Kuwata, who was later murdered) wandered backstage at the Convention and heard bizarre 'Chanting' coming from a room, before security spotted him and roughly expelled him from the backstage area.

The campaign was NOT HAPPY that Kuwata/whoever was wandering backstage seeing/hearing this stuff.

A couple minutes later, Obama emerged looking glassy-eyed like he was on drugs, and took to the stage, and delivered his Convention speech.

Well, I filed that story away in the back of my brain, and pretty much forgot about it for 2 years.

Until this week.

When I noticed Corsi (and everybody else) speculating that Obama looks like the founder of the Subud (islamic) Cult from Indonesia.

The founder is Mohammed Subud. Obama's mother AND Loretta Fuddy were apparently members/associated with the cult.

The Cult's USA HQ is Chicago. The Cult has some outpost/establishment in Hawaii. The Cult originated in the 1920's in Indonesia when its founder (Mohammed Subud) started it. Do those 3 places ring any bells?

By the way? This photo is a split-screen of Obama (RIGHT), and Subud (LEFT).

Mohammed Subud looks like the identical twin of Obama, down to the exact nose, ears, lips, hairline, facial crease around the mouth. He looks like Obama’s REAL father.

So I did a search for 'Subud Cult,' and started reading about it.

Apparently, the Subud Cult members 'channel demonic spirits' while CHANTING, SOBBING, WEEPING, SCREAMING, and SPEAKING IN TONGUES.

Sounds like the bizarre 'Chanting' described in that story 2 years ago.

Obama (aka Soetoro; aka Soebarkah) is a KOOK.

He is a moslem cultist, bent on destroying the USA.

ALSO, Obama just ‘replaced’ another 34 NUCLEAR LAUNCH OFFICERS last week.

Thus, we have a MOSLEM CULTIST purging...

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