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GcMAF and 14 dead doctors - Dr. Coldwell accuses

Over the past five weeks were allegedly died or disappeared in the United States a total of 14 physicians. They were all except Dr. med even naturopath and among others participated in the vaccine research - all of them were opponents of vaccination and they treated their patients with a specific immunotherapy. GcMAF.
That's Mysterious because they previously were all "visited" by the US Food and Drug Administration. Partly to practice and house searches carried out and arrest warrants have been issued. Obviously, these 14 doctors did not reply to the threats of the health authority and had to pay with their lives.
The results of the treatment of autism, cancer, CE, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, kidney and liver disease, HIV, bacterial & viral infections and many other diseases with GcMAF are groundbreaking. Is that the reason why it is fought massively, and even researchers and doctors lost their lives?
GcMAFGcMAF is a natural occurring protein in the body, which converts the liver from GcProtein (a vitamin D binding protein) in the Gc-macrophage activating factor. In all healthy people GcMAF are the macrophages in the blood, the statement, search the body to malignant units (eg, cancer cells or viruses) and to eliminate this.However, the malignant particles excrete the enzyme Nagalase, which neutralizes the production of GcMAF so that the macrophages received no instructions to take action. The result is a weakened immune system.
After the treatment success have provided the means GcMAF worldwide sensation, it has also been banned and suppressed. The climax culminating now with the alleged suicide of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet and the mysterious deaths and disappearances of some of his research and medical colleagues. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was one of the leading researchers in the field.
Dr. Jeff BradstreetDr. Jeff Bradstreet is one of the 14 doctors and is said to have killed himself by shooting himself in the chest and then tossed into a river. He has also applied a method in which a very simple, inexpensive and safe early detection of cancer is possible. A simple blood test Nagalase makes all precautionary procedure unnecessarily. Dr. Bradstreet did research in the field autism associated with vaccines and could bring about a complete cure with GcMAF in 15% of patients treated autistic, with the remaining 85% were able to experience massive improvements.
Since all 14 doctors have researched with vaccines, it is likely that they have found that Nagalasen are available in the standard vaccinations. A newborn does not contain high levels of Nagalasen in blood after vaccination can demonstrate an increased value.
This leads to the conclusion that this Gc protein is injected inhibiting enzyme (Nagalase) with intent. Nagalasen attack the Gc protein, which is only converted to GcMAF through association with vitamin D and thus strengthens the immune system.
It is enough manifestly insufficient merely to inhibit the Gc protein, no, because the Gc protein, a vitamin D binding protein and is this vitamin is absolutely necessary for conversion into GcMAF, it stands to reason that one standing available with all means ensures that the vitamin D can not be produced in the body. This works well with chemtrails. Man has always had the suspicion that this sunlight "steals" to reduce the vitamin D production. That makes sense when you know how vital is sunlight. Everything needed sun without sun we can not live.

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