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Hypersexualisation children through the media

12/05/2014 15:06

Almost all media bombarded today's children facilities in which glorifies sex and sexual behavior. It is a real invasion of the brain of our children by sexual images and innuendo. The sexualization of children occurs when a child wants to make sure that its value is based solely on sex appeal or sexualised behavior, and other characteristics of the child are ignored or excluded. Should we ever wonder what girls already at a very early age they begin to believe that their value is based on the so-called sex appeal? Watch a video that shows how pernicious influence on children have the American media like Disney that are programmed from an early age on sexual behavior and prepare

the emotionally unstable but docile consumers.

* Geena Davis says that there is no difference in the way the hypersexualised female characters portrayed in movies for all audiences from the manner in which the same characters appear in films that bear the 17 (contents not suitable for people under 17 years)

* According to American research, girls as young as six years even see themselves in a highly sexualized way, or think of themselves as the objects of the male gaze and considered that to be sexy to be appreciated and loved

* The company MGA Entertainment, the owner of the brand of popular Bratz dolls for children, has annual revenues of over 2 billion US dollars, while Mattel, owner of the brand popular Barbie doll, has annual revenues of nearly one billion US dollars

* Instead of children to concentrate on the essential qualities such as acceptance of self, independence and individuality, these powerful companies children learn vanity, materialism, conformism and the creation of sex-appeal from an early age

* For most products and toys for children, the main focus is on materialism and sex appeal

* Body language models who advertise these products, high heels, dolls and models, make up and clothes *, in any way appropriate for children? These are no longer puppets but plastic prostitutes! A little girls, they are role models they're supposed to be and how to behave. That pedophiles behind it?

* There are thousands of "make * up" and "dress up" applications for children that girls give the opportunity to make-up and training as prostitutes (Barbie digital mirror allows children to try out makeup iluzii using augmented reality).

* The young child's brain this all looks like an ordinary game and fun. Children do not know that long-term psychological consequences of premature sexualization

* Through television, smartphones, tablet computers and today's children are under a lot more influenced by media than any previous generation. While this wealth of knowledge that have constantly close at hand certainly has its advantages, too much media exposure can have long-lasting effects

* American children on average spend 5 * 7 hours per day watching television - which is between 1820 and 2548 hours per year. American teens spend up to 11 hours per day watching television. Many children in America spend more time interacting with different media than at school and sleep

* The three largest media concern as Disney, NBC and CBS emissions that promote the sexualization of children through the programming of children. Often the seemingly innocent children's programs can be found hidden subliminal programming

* According to the Fortune 500 ranking of the American magazine Fortune, The Walt Disney Company is the largest American media concern that every year recorded a whopping 45 billion dollars in revenue!

* The Lion King 2 song In Upendi (which phonetically sounds like In your panties = in your panties) is a typical example of subliminal programming. The whole song talks about sex!

* Once in the center of all American shows and series for children and youth that dominated American TV programs were family. All of these popular shows and serials emphasized the importance of teaching children values. Their every episode had a purpose that viewers learn a life lesson

* And today ?? !! It's all about popularity, nudity, sex, rebellion against the existing value and authority, homosexuality ... As many have noticed, a large number of series for children completely threw out the parents in the story, and when the parents appear in the story, is reported as stupid or foolish. Displaying parents in children's programs and series such a fool or an idiot doing it deliberately to destroy in children respect for parental authority. Instead of parents are shown as positive role models, children see them as fools.

* In many amenities on the Disney Channel children without parents or respect correspond to them in other ways, "down", which is accompanied by a study of applause or a giggle. It seems deliberately to be collapsed family nucleus and destroy morals and values that parents want to instill in their children.

* The focus of all the Disney series is walking, kissing, cheating, breaking up ... but the average viewer of these programs has between 5 and 12 years! At that age children should learn the values, morals, respect, individuality and the importance of marriage. Instead, learn to be an important popularity, exterior, teenage relationships and cheating boyfriends.

* Subject almost every children's series, movie or songs are pre-marital ties of every kind. People wonder why it took so much momentum sex and marriage is becoming obsolete concept in the minds of today's young generation. Well, children imitate what they see! Let us give thanks to Disney!

* One of the methods of brainwashing children's use of music and dance in TV shows and serials. At a very early age children are programmed to admire and imitate sexual behavior musicians. Producers, choreographers and costume designers are very aware of the fact that sexualized children 4-16 years. Most of them are unfortunately pedophiles who only care about money. Again, children imitate what they see.

* To make them even managed to sign a contract with Disney, children who want to become actors must become a "triple threat". These children need to know to act, dance and sing. When an actor or actress a certain age, they are forced to discard their innocent child's personality and completely adopt the conduct of a sexual person and list all of their fans to follow them in behavior. The same kids who have previously watched on television began to follow this new sexualized version of their favorite stars. Children are programmed to be worshiped these false gods or idols that they will not take you anywhere in life.

* Children's brains are hypnotizing and are manipulated before they are old enough to know how to think independently. There is virtually no way to avoid this type of child mind control.

* What happens when you let Hollywood to raise your children? Cutting for Bieber and things like that. Even before children who are at an early age became addicted to television reach puberty but are completely indoctrinated this sick culture. They have already been programmed to see such a lifestyle as normal. Very easy to TV shows, series and cartoons pass on watching videos and other sexualized and degrading youth programs.

* Company your daughter says that their purpose in life is to be sex objects and that it is honorable to be "easy woman". Research Ward, 2002, Ward and Rivadeneyra 1999, Zurbriggen and Morgan 2006 showed that girls who frequently consume the content offered by the mainstream media more support stereotypes women as sex objects.

* However, while popular culture plays a huge role in the sexualization of girls, equal responsibility also rests with their parents hypersexualised. Quite often see that parents and victims of premature sexualisation and themselves promote and encourage inappropriate behavior in their children. These poor children as they dance imitating the movements sexy pop stars are programmed by adults to degrade and turn into sex objects. Such children are likely to suffer through a lifetime of low self-esteem, eating disorders and sexually disturbed behavior.

* Parents sell their souls to the so-called children. dance teachers who will teach them how to dance satisfy their fantasies of pedophiles.

* American Psychiatric Association (APA) had compiled a report which states that girls who have only four or five years wear garments such as push up bra *, thong, mini skirt * and other types of garments intended for adults only. APA claims that the impact on girls and adolescents strongest because "their personality is still building"

* Kids aged 8 * 12 years (popularly called "tweens" - predadolescenti), the first time you get pocket money, earn revenue from $ 43 billion to US corporations. Critics such earning the children called "corporate pedophilia".

* In the eighth grade girls her body turned into a sex object often suffer from low self-esteem which makes them more susceptible to absorb cultural messages that offer promise as popularity, efficiency and social acceptance if adopt "real" sexy "look".

* The body image is closely related to low self-esteem. Low self-esteem in adolescents leads to eating disorders, early sexual activity, substance abuse and thoughts about suicide. 95% of people have a problem with eating there is between the ages of 12-25 years.

* One study found that 40% of women and 20% of men in the future, ready to undergo cosmetic surgery. Almost 80% of women claim that they view other women on television causes bad feelings to themselves. All photos are of women and girls in magazines Photoshop manipulation


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