Samstag, 20. Dezember 2014

an intresant comment that j must share

So Here's How ya know......
That the US. Government is the one that hacked Sony.

1- They told us North Korea did it. Which tells me....they didn't do it. If NK really did this, the US Gov. would NOT tell us about it. And since you can NEVER trust anything our Government tells us....

2- North Korea would NEVER threaten us with 911 type attacks. Theyre not that crazy. The US has gone to war with many countries, including Korea, that have never threatened us. They wouldn't give them a reason to raise tensions.

Why would the US Government want to hack Sony?

1- The main goal is to vilify HACKERS.
Up until now, hackers have been considered cool. And the State wants to change that. They can't have hackers like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Anonymous become heroes.
Hackers are a real threat to the State, because their dirty secrets could be exposed. So Hackers must be demonized.
Look at the last few times we have heard about hackers.....when they stole people's credit card info from Target, stole nude pics off the cloud...and now Sony. All False Flags to brainwash/change our minds about hackers.

2- The State isn't any happier with the movie's plot, than North Korea is.
In the Interview, the CIA strongarms a couple of Journalists into a mission to MURDER a foreign dignitary.
Our Government totally controls our media, but they don't wanna go , broadcasting it....literally. the whole world.

3- The State may not have liked the scene in Pineapple Express, where the Gov. Is testing drugs on soldiers, and then kills them after the test. Cuz you know....The Gov. Has actually DONE that.

4- This will give them the excuse to pass new laws, censorships, restrictions, and reasons why the NSA needs to spy on us.

5- Its an incredible DISTRACTION.
What? Some people got murdered by the police??? Who cares? A movie got delayed!!!

6- And finally....Sony was about to buy Lionsgate Entertainment.
This sale wouldve been a huge payday for the people who own Lionsgate, and the Powers That Be can't have that.
Because.....Lionsgate produces...the HUNGER GAMES movies. The HUGELY popular film series that is all about a REVOLUTION against a cruel Dictator. ...right America.
The State doesn't like those movies. And gee whiz...they sure have been plagued with bad luck. Phillip Seymore Hoffman DIES before he can finish the movies. Then the Asst. Director's son goes on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara. ..then those darn hackers got a bunch of nude pictures off the Cloud, of the Star of the film and threatened to release a sex tape of her to the public.
They couldn't find any nude pics of the guy who played Peeta. So they did the next best thing, They released nude pics of PEETA 's real life girlfriend. I guess they're trying to hurt them anyway they can.

So, Forget about North Korea. ..they're not the Oppressive State you need to worry about.

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