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ALARMING CONSPIRACY UNITED NATIONS: The UN assigned day practice which destroys the Christian religion in the Western world!

The United Nations at the initiative of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to declare June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. But what lies behind it?

The UN General Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution about it, calling on member nations to seize the day in order to better meet the well-being of practicing Yoga.

Prime Minister Modi after last month's cabinet reshuffle appointed Minister of yoga in order to give momentum to this ancient skill in India and abroad. Hindu leader is a vegetarian and an avid fan of yoga that is practiced daily. From the UN in September asked to consider the introduction of the World Day of Yoga.

On his Twitter account Modi wrote that he was delighted with this decision of the UN. "I do not have enough words to express his joy," he wrote.
Fraud Christians?

This fraud is so terrible that it tricked and many Christians of the Western world not realizing that practicing yoga alone prevent their own salvation allowing the forces of evil that are manifested in them

Spiritual Yoga, deep-toxic, spiritual practice that the scheme "neutral exercise" takes people to the vestibule of hell, expanding the western cultural scene in alarming proportions.

In the world there are about 800 million Hindus, and the biggest fraud takes place in the western world where the subtle "otkrštavanje" Christian ritual everyone yoga, and in this way a slight step paves the way and the Antichrist.

In fact, this is pure marrow pagan Hindu religion, the tools used for awakening "Kundalini serpent" and the ritual of connecting man with the devil that millions of people, especially in India, keeps in his infinite suffering, systematically. This is a very dangerous technique of invoking demons and demonic forces that Hindus calling when exercising yoga, the path to enlightenment, the ultimate goal, merging with complete nothingness, called Brahman, a synonym for the devil.

While with us in Europe yoga literally "sold" under "spiritually neutral" practice, Christians need to be aware that exercise and breathing techniques which present themselves as "spiritual neutral", which actually techniques on yourself, you can summon evil forces, in this a ratio that can come up with some kind of possession, and that even learn to the reluctant rhythmic movements of the body, in which the human being is transformed into a puppet "some powerful" energy.

Rare are those who received the "gift" to the energy of the devil kept under "their" control until in his government the same power held by millions of others in a subordinate position, so much that many people "prolupaju" on this path of enlightenment, according to a nirvana complete emptiness and nothingness, in which gurus and various different deities worshiped more than his life, and thus, their own free will, his mind and body surrender to their leadership, scary spiritual desolation.

About the cases of people who are obsessed with, various demons that manifest themselves through this occult discipline, ended up in psychiatric institutions and the exorcisms, rarely speaks while simultaneously performs bombastic attack Western Christian civilization New Age-satanic "literature" at all levels of society .

From kindergarten and children's movies and cartoons, theater and music, through the series and films, library and "flea market" to politics and sports. Nothing today does not finance more than this whole Hindu mantra "washed" tolerance for all, including the dirtbag who increasingly emerges, while the peak is still expected.

It must be someone really in the interest of the Christian world "substitute" yoga just as much as they try to stop the spread Evenđelja in the east, so strong that, even indispensable human United Nations decision to give every year June 21 to maintain and World yoga to "all" nations at least a moment "donated" this queen ideopoklonstva, yoga and that now, millions of people, especially in India holding prisoners in "washed" the state of the soul and the horrible suffering only silently watching.


In fact, India is rich and teeming with raw materials, but also has a big potential and big labor. However, this country is among the poorest in the world, and its people are suffering tremendously. It paralyzes the own religion. Millions of Indians are malnourished, sick and poor. But beside that people are, in relation to their fate apathetic. And it is because their religion teaches them that their misery considered less important, and to ignore their way of life in suffering in which they were captured.

Many of the world historians and scientists have recognized that India is a wounded country that suffers from his sick culture and civilization, but most of all religion which teaches them that in life are just silent observers of their suffering, degrading life in which they are captured.

Their religion teaches the worship of the guru, deities, mythical creatures, animals, and connect with Shiva, the god of death and supreme božnstvom takes place with the help of an ancient ritual - Yoga, occult disciplines in which man opens and merges with demonic forces.

Now the pagan world, a world that "elite" over the United Nations and similar occult organizations, built for us at this time.
This is the world that we promote, while we as a complete "blind" silent even eagerly accept their ideas of humanity open to demonic influences, as far away from Jesus, who alone is released.

The fact is that this act of the United Nations publicly admitted that in the service of the Antichrist prepare humanity for his arrival. Humanity that at all costs, even this "transparent" procedures of the UN must otkrstiti and convert the pagan thinkers razjularenu bunch of people, intoxicated by sin and the devil related nodes. Because only such humanity can be enough "spiritually open" for action demoskih forces that will soon flow into this world.

Fraud is so terrible that it tricked and many Christians of the Western world not realizing that practicing yoga alone prevent their own salvation allowing the forces of evil that are manifested in them. And best of all, the Christian world with more than 2.5 billion people now paralyzed silent, the universal indoctrination of the people that manipulation is separated from God. Maybe this was why Jesus anxiously asked: "Will I do when I come to find faith?"


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