Freitag, 28. November 2014

something is HAPPENING a lot latley

The media silence about inexplicable explosion over Russia
A powerful explosion near the town of Yekaterinburg turned the night into day on for 11 seconds. Although this is something you do not see every day, the Russian authorities have given up their comments. Do you remember the explosion pieces of comets over Chelyabinsk, which wounded more than 1,000 people in February 2013? It seems that history repeats itself, but this time the explosion occurred over the uninhabited part of the southern Urals, more specifically on a deserted
part of the region Sverdlovsk at 17: 39h local time. This event would likely remained unknown to him was not filmed by a camera in the cab car Vyacheslava Bulatov. The first news of the mysterious light over Russia announced Siberian Times, and then the video and pictures of events divided the world media. Shortly after the publication of the above video you, two young men from the same region have released their recording of the explosion.
  Numerous witnesses to the events searched in vain for answers as you generated the light effect, especially due to the fact that the "explosion" did not create any sound.

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