Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

The nature of Human being

Latley there is a lot things hapening (ukraine,gaza,syria,afganistan,irak) so that is whay j begin to thing that this all is just distraction from what j dont now.

if we look at the kids, or how to j say the best if you look al beings with souls human Childern or animal pupys/babys  it dosent mater much it is a tiger or humans there is love without fear so we all in our first steps of our live are peaceful so that we dont se the colur of skin or belifs 
so as j was young j hated the germans j was looking the old war movies so that was coming from that 
later j hated muslims, arabs without even speaking with them and then j grow older and learned a job, and worked with all kinds of nationalites, an came to the conculsion we are all from the same blood
it is red so from where had j my hate j would say from false information the most on the tv and the second in newspaper 
whats is happening now, with all this things there is many things thats going 
on we schould now the most of us that we alerdy have  world guverment 
my opinion is that they make Putin a Hero and that the alternative media is helping them without nowing that.
we are alerdy awake and they now it
america is making to much mistakes so that we see the lies easier they now we now about the iluminati,bilderberg,bloodlines,reptilians, and so go on, 

the demonstrations against Israel are all organized they dont demonstrate against politicans, bankers, poison food, chemtrails.
we now about israel and what is ti doing.

Humans are not evil they want us to belive that look on tv the same movies kill, sex, violence 24 ours so that our kids will be well taught that this is normal

Israel founded Hamas, so they work they togefer??  where becomes hamas his weapons ?? 
whay nobody asks this questions 
whay nobody asks for sanktions on Hamas just like for sirya or russia

they called and done saktions on russia today but in space they are frends and flaying together to  iss  russians europa, america and america Nasa has given them milions and will give them more milions for the flight

so be aware there is something coming so maybe a big Hollogram like blue beam projekt or a big UN army 
nothing will come from the space it wil come from the earth do you recerch

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