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50 shades of gray and pedophilia

An interesting view of the novel "50 shades of gray" is the author of the article, which claims to have a professional experience of almost 20 years of work in the police department for the protection of children. According to this novel has just been made ​​into a movie that will premiere on Valentine's 2015th year, although it is difficult to say that the novel is about love - it is the sadistic abuse of young girls by a wealthy and powerful man. By all accounts, Valentine's Day next year will be in sadomasochistic tones. However, the author argues that there are actually about something much worse than just a BDSM porn novel that has a value of literary garbage. The author argues that the story of the novel is not by accident but deliberately hollow and thin and it's a story about sexually inexperienced girl is actually a cover-up for a description of pedophile abuse. In this way the normalization double oddities - BDSM sex and pedophilia.

50 shades of gray - Pedophilia that we are hiding under their noses

Mothers who promote child abuse?

Author: Dr. Richard Swier
 The story of the punished child rapist Jerry Sandusky in America is well known. So, in his case, in order that such well-known, recognized and award-winning football coach abused by generations of children, which was eventually convicted on 52 reported cases of abuse. When Sandusky appealed and sought a new trial, that he had not been granted. By its popularity, so is the phenomenon of "50 shades of gray," which has become so popular among women that is sometimes referred to as "motherly porn hit" for the masses. I already have the description of the book is actually a lot more disturbing than people currently realize.

Yes, the novel "50 shades of gray" is - pornography; the plot itself is thin, the characters are one-dimensional, and sexually explicit material are very detailed, but formulaic. Nevertheless, the theme behind this novel is something much more sinister and more disgusting than just pornography. Its stronghold of pedophilia. Child pornography. Or a porn movie with the kids.

I realize now that, after I uttered all this, many fans of the book "50 shades of gray," and among them many mothers, to stand up against this kind of book description. These women, as mothers, are naturally inclined to protect children. People like Jerry Sanduskyog greeted with feelings of hatred, resentment and disgust. And rightfully so. What mother would want to have anything to do with sexual abuse of children? The abuse of the innocent?

But it is precisely just about doing it in his novel "50 shades of gray." It is a story of sexual iskorištavanoj girl by a man who embodies all the power and control. It's a classic scenario of abuse. And mothers are, in some cases, literally well-located, in all this, which is why the distaste of this phenomenon rises to another frightening level.

I hope that now, after I gave it all, I have already lost some of you. I owe you an explanation after I brought these allegations about a book that some of you may just now reading. I'll start first with the story in the background.

My professional experience can be reduced to about almost 20 years working in the police department for the protection of children. During that time I've seen situations that we literally today do not give sleep. The amount of abuse that goes on in our society, all the sexualization of our children ... So, generally, what you hear, what is transmitted in the news, it is only a small fraction of the enormous problems and disgust actions that are happening every day. Our children are raped and abused every day. Constantly.

I normally did not have any intention to read the novel "50 shades of gray." My long-time colleague, or clinical psychologist on faculty, eyes flick my attention to the book. She is a little older than me. She grew up in subcultural milieu and has experience with every kind of experimentation. So it certainly can not be retarded. Plus it is, otherwise, a mother and grandmother. And he's very smart. One of the things that fascinate her the cultural phenomena of our time. It is fascinating how things through technology so rapidly spreading in today's society and are rapidly becoming the next big thing which enchants the masses. He says that sometimes this phenomenon quite harmless, but sometimes very harmful to children or adults who are beginning to absorb and imitate something that is totally unnecessary, just out of necessity that they be part of the "next big thing" of our time.

However, her reaction to the novel "50 shades of gray" was much more aggressive than anything what I remember it was previously discussed. And this is her reaction manifested as her novel as casually mentioned. I have seen several times in the media that the story of this novel and, knowing her interest in cultural trends, I asked for her opinion on the book. She then stopped talking, looked me straight in the eye and say that this is a book about pedophilia. She was the one who books the action connected with the tragedy Sandusky case where so many young boys were sexually abused. Sandusky was his misdeeds done under the pretense of helping young people. So he sustained access to children. My friend says that the book "50 shades of gray" actually doing the same thing. A cover under which it works is the story of a young woman who engages in sexual intercourse with a somewhat older man who is in the book presented in a very explicit way.

The problem, as seen by my friend, and it is truly a huge problem, is that the narrator of the book is actually a minor girl. My colleague pointed out to me, and that, judging by the use of language in the narrative of the story, the girl mentally can not have more than 12 or 13 years. So I mentioned it to the girl from the book should soon graduate. My colleague, who has years and years of experience working as a clinical psychologist, in whose expertise I have personally witnessed over the years of cooperation, shook his head and concluded that I can not just stories to convince the seriousness of this case. He recommended that I read the book, but the eyes of someone whose job was to protect the children for years. As someone who is constantly seeing signs that indicate abuse and who is aware of the scale identification of child abuse. Because there are always warning signs. She's been known. How many times have I heard people saying how appalled: "I can not believe that I have not seen?" Or "How could I not know?" Or even worse: "I knew something was wrong, but I did not want to believe that they are able to do something like that. "

Now I will try to summarize the words of my most loyal friends you can.

"Sexual predators are cheaters. Almost always have coverage. This coverage gives them access to a large number of children. "50 shades of gray" is a great deception. That the book got access to millions of readers. That is, from beginning to end, the story of abuse. And it's not just about abuse where a man abusing a woman, but a man's abuse of his girlfriend.

When you read, look for signs. All were there.

Female character has no sexual experience. Absolutely no. I was given the age of 21, but this age is just a gimmick. Her right emotional age is much younger. Not even never masturbated. He never had an orgasm. Only this is one of the biggest attractiveness for pedophiles. They like to introduce inexperienced in the world of sexuality and be a killer. It is a psychological type that is associated with the abuse. Elected intact, clean, and it turns them on.

But the move away from the fact that this girl has no sexual experience. Now pay attention to her narrative dialogue. Let's listen really the way she speaks. Once again we see that it does not speak as a young woman but as a little girl. Story of exercise standing on his head, the skip-rope to the language and reflection girls.

After that, the girl takes her virginity. The abuser, an older man, he is willing to think that it is her choice. Again, you and I both know that this is one of the basic methods of pedophile. They create an atmosphere in which the child is led to believe that such things are his idea. Yes that is what they want. But what happens after you remove their virginity? Then the abuser becomes openly aggressive than before. And all the controls. In this story, he suggests that little girl how to talk. What to wear. What to eat. He was Daddy, and she is my daughter. When you read a book, read it as a mother and as a woman who has actually lived through the tragedy of sexual abuse.

There are still a lot of such examples in the book pointing to child abuse. For example, beatings and the use of oil for babies. Why the baby oil? Think about it! The girl wears Keck. Then, she complains that she is treated like a child. He says that she behaves like a child. There's even a scene where the abuser creates a situation where she will again take away her virginity. Forcibly removed her tampon and re-engages in violent sex. Her hymen was broken and his bloody remains again reminiscent of pedophile rape. "

Then a colleague went on to talk about how there are women who defend the book, and she realizes and understands, but he cares. Very, as it is fully convinced that the book deliberately advocates rape of a child and attempt to normalize these horrors.

So I ended the conversation thinking that my colleague exaggerated. I could not imagine that something that is so popular could really have a theme for something so dangerous and depraved, and, although I respected her expertise and experience, this time I thought she sees something that does not exist.

I got this book, sat down and began to read.

The first thing that blew my mind was tankoća actions and writing. It was not just bad, it was awful. But writing is not terrible crime (thank God, otherwise I would quit long ago), and the story does not seem evil. But reading I realized, just as my colleague said, that the issue of child abuse, pedophilia, was in plain view. I remember someone once said a long time ago that the best way to hide something, put it in everyone's noses. And that is exactly what the book "50 shades of gray" works.

The main protagonist had no prior sexual experience. No. She was innocent. She is a child who has just had his first alcoholic drink. It was not just a coincidence that the author wrote. Despite the leaks given 21 years, the author has had to consciously and deliberately do that in all other circumstances, in every respect, it acts like a girl. And I do not shocked. In my profession we call it a warning sign. A sign that there may be a problem.

And from there, just as my colleague warned, it just got worse. A lot worse. My colleague was right - what I was told it could not affect me nearly as much as it seemed to me that what I've read with my eyes open. She gave me a sign that I need to look and, as I turned the pages, these signs are constantly repeated, confirming everything she told me.

Narrative voice that speaks to the reader a little girl, he was the voice of a little girl. Unmistakably. In this figure has very little emotional maturity, and not at all sexual maturity. A man from the book seduced her in the same way that a pedophile seducing a child. Male character is just like Gerry Sandusky. He flaunts his money, his power, things that she can buy, but until that happens, we read children's minds. And we read the seduction of a young girl by a pedophile. It is almost completely powerless. And the teenager is quite naive, let alone a student. Unable to bring the simplest everyday decisions and her abuser has told what to do, which in turn for that reason a lot of time and effort spent to make convinced that this is what she really wants. I've already seen. And too many times. Too often. I always leave me feeling nausea and disgust.

Here we read of child pornography. Reject false age girls, which is not based in reality, and what we read here is the abuse of a little girl.

We are reading child pornography. Remove the true age of the girl, Which has no basis in reality, and what we are actually reading is the abuse of a little girl.

The main protagonist carries Keck, pronounces words in their everyday language used by children, not the students, he does not fool around with the computer, and as a student. The story of the skip rope, doing a star .... She keeps saying how she constantly makes you feel like a child has an imaginary friend (inner goddess), shame on you, getting knocks on the butt and then he smears her baby oil, says her what to say, what to eat, what to do until finally, it is so predictable, it begins to physically fight. (But she soon returns, which again is a common theme in many of abuse, including pedophilia).

And despite all the evidence in the book is indicated by the fact that the male character and I became an abuser because he was sexually abused by pedophiles. A girl whose thoughts we hear dokmju the abuses identified the abused party in male abusers, but obviously prenaivna or unwilling to understand itself continues the vicious cycle of abuse in which she found herself. (Which in turn actually confirms the idea that she is still a child herself). There is no question that this author was not on purpose. She is openly presented the topic of pedophilia, hiding it - to light.

People who have had to deal with the real world of sexual abuse this will be easier to understand than others. So often that I was a pedophile abuse victim earlier. They enter into society, become mothers and fathers and, eventually, the abuser. They want to dominate, control, want to take away the innocence of others just like them that someone did. Those who were once abused become abusers. It is this so sad and tragic vicious circle of pedophilia.

The book "50 shades of gray," this abnormal state is trying to normalize. Thanks to the knowledge of my colleagues and my own professional experience, I recognized what this novel really is - a story of sexual abuse of a child, which is wrapped in a clichéd story of a mysterious and troubled rich man who is only pokriće.To is another thing that is mine colleague, clinical psychologist, later emphasized. "Discard element of money and figure abuser becomes much less attractive without it would be much harder to hide prevaru.Jesu Do women really so shallow? Yes, sometimes we are.

But for the vast majority of women, however, certainly not consciously justify the sexual abuse of children. We do not in any way justify what horror is pedophilia.

However, it is what it is unfortunately happening with the popularity of the book "50 shades of gray." It's a pedophile trick!

Pedophilia is one of the most terrible and perverse acts against defenseless in our society and it is hiding there, before our eyes.

Perhaps it is best described by my colleague when we talked about it again. The book "50 shades of gray," it is not excited. She was neither tense nor sexy, and certainly not romantic.

Instead, the book "50 shades of gray" forced her to bitter weeping. Forced her to vomit. Forced her to think of the abuse so many children by one demented, depraved monsters Jerryija Sanduskyog who also like the book "50 shades of gray," hiding the public - there in front of our noses.
Translation: GI „Ne dirajte djecu“

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