Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Did you Notice

the whole world is coverd in clouds no blue skay what if al the wars are in fact a distraction what is really happening notice all clouds are mostly around the sun moon the moon is a hollogram do if you wiil your reserch.
every dead mean in wars or whatewer i a unnecessary dead man
so they are poising us with food and mental they want us to keep dumb
and they are good with this shit
j can say j would be going crazy if j wouldnt have Internet. people say to me com to me lets talk and a think whay j can not or j have nothing to say what they talk about PC-games Sport or about people the last one j do that sometimes
so when j start talkink about chemtrails ,HAARP, poisinos food whats is iportant today then they look with crazy eyes at me
so what schould can j do only stay away j dont now what  j can do different
j dont give a shit what others think about me
GOD nows about me well j now j am a sinner an j doing not enough to be on the right way but j still going on
j look out my window and think whay they do not see j cant really answer this heawy question.
so j will go on with a headache and hoping that it will be lesser
and still hope and knowing that people are waking up every day so hope is still here.
if you are down so think about it. Whay are you down? Can it be that you are awake? There is nothing to be afraid of it ?
So what is FEAR? Fear is  not enough information so we schould get so much information and understanding how much we can get.
Something is going on j dont now what but j can see j cant see the whole picture but j now if we dont have enough information when that whatever would thet be we will go crazy so get your information
there are this freaking clouds new stars in the night sky the now more people are that noticing aroung the north hemisfere the reason they have internet so that the a area who are the most clouds. so dont let you distract from wars a war i a bad thing but you cant anything about that think about you life and what you can do first for yourself  
with GODs help it will go somewhat 
turn of your TV radio to it is all about mind controll and if you dont have somone to speak just do as myself open a blog and spread the truth proven by youself we live in a Matrix so we must go out that matrix there is no superpower this is just a word there is no a-bomb if they would be there where all sand over the planet 
BRICS, EU, NATO, this all are in the Wourld gowerment they just change the location and going from new we would have alerdy WW3 if the people would be asleap so people are waking up thats a good thing.

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