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After going viral, and receiving close to a million views, in just a few weeks, YouTube has made ‘thefalse claim’, that the video, “Irrefutable Proof that Michelle Obama is a Man”, violated ‘community guidelines’; and as a result, YouTube has deleted it!
The video in no way violates “community guidelines” – but the video does indeed, ‘greatly offend’ those people who watch it – if they hate the Truth.   The video can still be viewed on “Vimeo”, and you can find the link in the description box below.
These days, more and more people, are finding the Truth – especially the Truth about ‘a person’s truegender’, to be very offensive.  ‘How appropriate’ that YouTube made their move, on Easter Weekend – the annual feast of that historical day – 2000 years ago, when people hated the Truth so much, they took action “to kill it”, as a response – to it.
Once again, you can still watch the video on Vimeo.  You can also watch part 2 – our follow-up video that exposes Serena Williams, and HIS direct connection to “Michael” Obama.
We produced these videos because we believe it is important, for people to be able to easily recognize some of the basic differences – between a man and a woman.  In THIS current ‘culture of gender deception’, it is important that people have ‘the basic tools’ that they need to recognize a person’s “natural gender” – the gender they were born with.  People need ‘special tools’, to see through the lies, and to name ‘the true gender’ – of the people who are presenting their genderfalsely.  For ‘people who want to live in the Truth’, “the freedom” to recognize a person’s natural gender, is now ‘an essential freedom’.  But the freedom to recognize ‘a person’s natural gender’, is better expressed, by a person who has a trained eye – and by a person who has ‘the basic knowledge’, of how to quickly identify ‘the genetic features’, of another’s ‘true gender’.
Our recent videos are training people, to quickly recognize, the natural gender, of everyone they meet.  And so, let transgenders deceive themselves about the gender they were born with – let them change their name and appearance; but transgenders do not have the right to force others, to ignore the gender identity, that is stamped on the DNA, of every cell in their body.
We encourage you to spread these videos.  Feel free to download them from Vimeo, and then upload them to your favorite video Channel, if you have one.  Spread these videos – spread the Truth.  Don’t let people who are uncomfortable with ‘their natural gender’, force you, to be ‘as uncomfortablewith it’, as they are.
To view the transcript for this video, go to:
To view the transcript for this video, go to:

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