Sonntag, 27. April 2014

Anonymous letter to the group of officers from NATO headquarters in Brussels, the group G -7

****************************************Dear Sirs ! Pay you associates unit that deals with issues of strategic planning , the NATO headquarters in Brussels . We all have combat experience in different regions of the world that allows us to make a statement next .
We have not seen such incompetent and short-sighted politicians in terms of military strategy , as you are with the leadership of the G - seventh All your actions in relation to Russia , particularly in the Ukrainian crisis will lead to a complete undermining of military capabilities block , and later to its collapse .
Under the leadership of U.S. President Barak Obama who confused the world political arena with a basketball court, you do every day making new mistakes. Judging by your actions , you can only play the role of small provocateurs , for whose actions will suffer entire peoples . We'd like to get your opinion to illustrate it with the following arguments .
1st We are not interested in how you were in negotiations with Moscow on European missile defense ( PRO ) . We are interested in the fact that the outcome of these negotiations in Moscow on our borders deployed missile complex " Iskander " .
You obviously do not know that these missiles to neutralize not only the PRO rocket launchers , but also the other nodes batch management in Europe . After their shock , complete NATO armies turn into a flock of sheep . We have nothing other than to congratulate you on this undeniable military- strategic success .
The second is even more absurd to us looks of your patrol through intimidation Moscow " Phantom " at its south- western borders . You obviously do not know that our " Phantoms " powerless over Russian air defense systems S -300 and S 400th
According to information reaching us , the General Staff of Russia 's improved mood and there is not much more than before . Russians can eliminate one of our patrols pressing the "Start" button . Is it necessary to demonstrate such a child's naivety in " muscle-flexing " .
3rd We do not understand the purpose of sending warships into the Black Sea . Do you want to show that you are in those waters bosses ? But the result was that the Moscow predislocirala the people of Crimea strategic missile carriers " Backfire " which will be put under full control of not only the waters of the Black Sea , but can occur at any point in Europe .
For your information , we inform you that this has not worked out against the new cruise missiles H -32 in these planes . Now multiply the increased level of potential threats to our structure on the continent and in the neighboring regions . Once again , please accept our sincere congratulations .
4th You are supporting and arming the regime in Kiev , which is militarily incapacitated . This regime can not get no war , no big or small . Did you ever think of the idea that will be their undoing another ruin your puppet and will smite your reputation ?
It seemed to us that all of you after the intervention in Afghanistan had something to learn . But , in all likelihood , in your case it did not happen .
Because of the current situation in the world , only fools najbeznadežnije may elect Putin as the object of the attack and the waste of it all round , one after the other .
Gentlemen , you have more important things in the world , but it is pulling the rope with Russia on its damage .
I apologize that we did not sign this letter below . We were convinced that the recent freedom of speech in our country has become pure fiction . Because of our desire to continue to work and express their views , we present in the form of address without a signature .
Group senior officers at the headquarters of NATO . Brussels , 20.04.2014 . year .
( Dmitry Sedov , Strategic Culture Fund ) - ( vestinet )

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