Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

from facebook post it is interssting statement

CNN 'breaking news'... Beheading video is 'real' says US Government.
Looks like they're concerned we don't believe them... need for a headline??
Main stream media FAIL.
LOLOL.... feeling the need to come out calling it 'real'... trying to tell people all is normal.. damage control

  •  Let's see… We've got thousands of troops stationed in S.Korea & Japan to deal with N.Korea & China... Still have troops in Afghanistan… We're sending more troops back into Iraq… Now, our fanatical leader wants us to go into Syria to fight maniacal Islamists WHO WE ARMED IN THE FIRST PLACE! At the same time, our borders are essentially undefended... the police are being militarized at an unprecedented scale… Obama is arming other in country departments such as DHS and even the IRS… He has already neutered our armed forces through troop reductions and the firing/forced retirement for many high level commanders. The way I see it… while the military is away, the dictator will play.

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