Freitag, 5. September 2014

Was Joan Rivers Right ? Is Obama Gay and Michelle a Man Named Michael???

Before Joan Rivers died she went publicly saying that President Obama is a closet homosexual and Michelle Obama is a man. Could this be true ??? Did you know Obama has called Michelle, Michael by supposed mistake on a few occasions! Like who does that ??? What man mistakes his wife's name for a man's name! I mean I have sometimes called a girlfriend the name of my X by mistake ( something to try and avoid at all cost btw lol ) but NEVER would I call her Steve, John, Ron, etc. Just straight up weird when you think about what Joan said !!! In this video we examine this strange strange conspiracy ! God Bless JOAN RIVERS POSSIBLE ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE EXPOSED !!! - Joan Rivers: Obama is gay, Michelle is a tranny - Obama Refers to His Wife as "Michael" - Come and like us on Facebook @­io Follow on Twitter - If you feel led to support this ministry and help equip us with materials for future projects you can make a donation here:

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