Freitag, 6. September 2013

Truthstream Media Calls Congress on Syria

Some people might think it's pointless to call Congress if an issue is pervasive enough to demand real action. Congress does, after all, have a dismal 15% approval rating. Some people might wonder if there's even any point to picking up the phone. Some might think they are only just one person, and they might rhetorically wonder, "Why bother?"

Some people might underestimate their own power.

Just today, New York Republican Rep. Michael Grimm announced he had changed his mind on his vote in support of President Obama's decision for military action in Syria. His reason?
In a statement Thursday, Grimm says the window for action has now passed and that the feedback from his constituents has made him re-think his previous position.

We might all be 'just one person,' but together, we have power. Over 90% of Americans do not support bombing Syria. We need to let our voices be heard in Washington.

Go to for a complete list of your Congresspeople's contact information. These are our public servants. We voted for them to represent us (us, not lobbyists with wads of corporate cash) and to be our voices on Capitol Hill.

If over 90% of us do not want to bomb Syria, then 90% of Congress should reflect that.

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