Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Brad Pitt Confesses He's A Reptilian Shapeshifter In "World War Z"

Here's the first ever HOLLYWOOD REPTOIDZ supplemental video! The channel is there won't be a regular stream of new vids. HOWEVER, when I come across any really interesting shapeshifts, I'll STILL upload a video to share with the HOLLYWOOD REPTOIDZ superfans! Brad Pitt reveals himself clearly at the end of "World War Z". I'm always astonished that this Public Disclosure Event goes on and on and on without the human population EVER figuring it out! But HOLLYWOOD REPTOIDZ fans are SPECIAL! Followers of this channel KNOW THE TRUTH. I also noticed that a guy in this movie was called Ellis (my name). What's strange was that Ellis was the character that was immune to zombie-bites! It reminded me of me - because I'm the only human who is IMMUNE to reptilian takeover by The All-Seeing Eye. (As far as I know.) I think ALL movies should mention me...and "Hollywood" should officially be renamed "Johnnywood" IMMEDIATELY!

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