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MEDIA are silent about the dark TRUTH IN NORWAY: Incest, pedophilia, sex in kindergarten, stealing children! The aim of the excommunication of families and children!

Terrifying testimony of Russian women otkit will dark secrets of so-called advanced West. It is the total destruction of all mankind while all the media of the world are silent about evil that takes place in the advanced countries. Exposed to the family and children, and strikes executed states incest, pedophilia and forcibly changing the sex of children in Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Irina Berset has been trying to warn the Christian world to the monstrosity that are committed against her, but against children and thousands of parents about which no one is allowed to speak. As a reminder, similar testimony only regarding the UK has given us is a former NATO secretary for security referred to as the United Kingdom really steals children, rapes, ritual killing! '(INTERVIEW)
and now is like a testimony Irina Bergset Told and to Norway!

Irina Bergset: 2005 I got married to a citizen of Norway. My son was seven years. We went to live in Norway, in the commune Aurskog-Hekland, in the village Aurskog. At that time I did not know that until half a century ago, Norway was the country that vary in degree of civility to compare with the countries of Central Africa.

In 1905, Norway was first won independence from Denmark and from Sweden. The state is, as it was such-and other - state serfs, where nobles its inhabitants have never even seen. Only paid taxes. Development of culture was not. The inhabitants of this country have spoken or in Swedish or Danish - or in the language of the conquerors. After the language is mixed and created an artificial language called Bokmål. Although now every family in Norway speak the local dialect. To date there is no national standard dialect. It can be said that the country is only now occurs, if it were not the opposite process. Norwegian society is rapidly moral collapse copying American law and order.

They found oil in the sea 50 years ago. It is clear that a country in which there was no science and culture, could not master the technology of extracting oil from the sea - they used other people's scientific and technological assistance.
All this I learned later. When I was leaving Russia, I only knew that in Norway the highest standard of living in the world.

No matter what I ended Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University and I am a candidate of philological sciences, Norway did not recognize my education.

Me suggested that I work as a teacher in a neighboring commune Fet, in the village school of a new type - by the Danish progressive form named "Riddersand", which means "school knights". Compared with our Russian system, all Norwegian school programs look like for the mentally retarded. From 1st to 7th grade primary school. The task of the national program is to teach the alphabet to 13 years and that children learn to count - read prices in shops.

The class is not to be read aloud because it is "a disgrace". Special teacher carried a child in the hallway and there listening to "little guy" as he reads it to dishonor. The teacher has the right to develop with children two examples of math a day, and if the kids get the material, then for three days again trying to explain traveled records. Homework weeks - five words in English or eight, according to the decision of the child.

Norwegian School - is an example of complete degradation of education. No literature, no history, physics, chemistry, there is no science. Has knowledge of nature, called "Overview". Children study the world around them in general terms. She knew that was the Second World War. All other details - this is violence against the child and his psyche.
The richest country the world does not keep kids in kindergarten. Specifically, feed them some soup with the name "tomato soup" out of the bag once a week. It is so in kindergartens, to state, and private - food only once a week!

My older son went to Russia in an ordinary school. That's why he's in Norway was a child prodigy. By seventh grade nothing is taught - there is not need to learn. In schools more advice: "If you are forcing parents to teach - give us a call. We'll help you to get rid of such parents."
The only way to exercise your memory with my son was a piano. I said to him: "Just gukni somewhere that you have such a demanding mother ..."
The accident occurred six years after my arrival in Norway. I knew nothing of their system "Barnevarn".

I'm worried about your care: work, home, family. I lived slowly adapting the structure of the state in which I moved. I heard that someone took away the children, but I was a normal mother.
I divorced her husband after three years of living together, after the birth of another son. It was a clash of cultures. Menu now saying: "That's why there in every farmhouse have sewer and a shower." Yes, I reply to it, but because Norwegians habitually go urinate behind the house.

For three years I lived alone with children. I took a bank loan, buy a flat, began to live a normal life, I have never received social assistance: I worked, I spent a lot of time with children. The children were only with me. Since her husband beat her son from his first marriage, husband never permitted visits.
With younger husband by law obliged to see it. I tried as much as I could to the child sleeps with his father - there is a threat that will beat him. But social services and other state structures are pressuring me to let him go. Therefore, the younger son stayed with my father first two hours on Saturday or Sunday. But the last time was spent with him in almost a week - the child had a fever when he drove into a great winter of -30 with relatives in Trondheim.
In 2011, the seventh of March I went to the police village Bjorkenlangen because my younger son said to his aunts and uncles, cousins his father, inflicted pain in the mouth and ass. He told about the things in which I first could not believe it.
In Norway there is some kind of folk tradition of intimate relationships with children: the boys and girls - committed by their relatives, who later submitted neighbors. First I could not believe it. I wrote a statement to the police. On the eighth of March, we were invited to a social service for children - Barnevarn. The interrogation lasted six hours. It was just me and my two children.

They have a scheme to protect children there to make it seem that they were fighting with incest. Then I realized that Barnevarn centers, which exist in every village, there for it to be easier to find a child who has spoken and unsatisfied mother or father - and that they are isolated, penalties.

From the newspapers I found out about the case when the court a girl of seven or eight years ordered to pay court costs and compensation abuser as he was held in prison. In Norway, all the way around its head. Pedophilia is not a crime.

On the eighth of March 2011 for the first time they took my two children. Subtraction looks like this: the child does not return from kindergarten or school, ie. Practically steal it from you, it disappears. It's because they're hiding it from you at a secret address. They told me: "The situation is such, you are talking about violence against children. You should be examined by a physician and that says that you are healthy." I did not seem to mind. The clinic is a ten minute walk from there. Associate Barnevarna she took me there and said: "We will help you, I will play with your children." The children stayed, not anywhere, but in the center for the protection of children. I realize now that it was not required by law. When I came to the clinic, the elder son Sasa, then he was 13, he called me and said, "Mom, we drive to the receiving family".

I was at a distance of ten kilometers from the children you are transported to a secret address. In their law, children taken away without any filing paper. The only thing I could - is to take matters into their own hands. In Norway, it is forbidden to cry - it is evaluated as a disease and Barnevarn can you apply to involuntary psychiatry.
It turned out that in Norway there is a national plan, the quota as the children taken away from their parents. Bodies of social protection are even competing who will better meet - it's kind of state competition. Charts, diagrams are published quarterly - how are children in any place deducted.

I recently received a document - a report from Šveđana.To a report on cases of withdrawal of children in Sweden and neighboring Scandinavian countries. Keyword ate strange occurrence. In this report suggests that in Sweden seized 300,000 children from their parents. That is, it is a whole generation stolen from their parents. The scientists, criminologists, lawyers, lawyers - people with traditional values who still remember what the family was in Sweden - do not realize. They say that something strange happens. It happens State prosecution family.
Specialists cite a figure of 10,000 kronor (1,000 euros). That amount gets new family for an adopted child, any. Special Agent Barnevarn organization receives from the budget of a huge reward for the destruction of native nest, for the theft of offspring. This happens in all Scandinavian countries.

In addition, adoptive parents can choose the child, as in the market. For example, you liked this Russian girl with blue eyes and you just want her to take the family. All you need is to call in Barnevar and say: "I'm ready, I'm not big room for the adopted child." And you say the name. And it will help him and deliver. That is, the first is "hired family", and then of birth parents take away a child "made to order".

Pravozaštitinici Norway struggle with the almighty criminal system Barnevarn. They seriously believe that this corrupt system for child trafficking. May 3 (2013) are victims Barnevarna in Norway organized a protest against the forced separation of children and parents by the state in Norway.

For the purpose of stealing children from their parents, Norway ahead of the whole world - there is a public project. Title in the Norwegian newspaper reads: "One in five children in Norway has been saved from their parents." One fifth - it is literally a million children in the country - about two hundred thousand (200,000) "rescued" children who no longer live at home with my mom, already in receipt of families. Financial cover that receive family gets in Norway is around 240,000 euros per year. If the child is disabled, you will get more subsidies. The more trauma, the better the reception home, which becomes nothing more than a prison family type.
According to statistics published in the Norwegian newspaper, out of ten newborns, only two Norwegians are born, and eight are born immigrants. Immigrants make up a healthy population of Norway because they do not practice marriage of close relatives.

Most children born in the territory of Norway, is Barnevarn stripped from the Russians. That is, first subtract Russian children. Virtually all children born to one or two Russian parents, are registered with Barnevarn and are at great risk. They are the "number one" candidate for the seizure.

What can parents do if their child is taken away?

Almost every month by one Russian woman ends life suicide in Norway. Because when they come to you and take you kids, you are unprotected, you are - one on one with the system. They tell you: "You do not make an omelette by the Norwegian recipe. You're driving your child to wash their hands. These limping, you can not sit with a child in the sand. So - you're a bad mother, you take my baby!". The system of protection of children in Norway is based on the presumption of guilt parents. The parent is guilty conscious. Parents are pouring more lies. And it all begins with the simple statement: "You want to go to Russia." And you can not do opovrgneti because you have relatives in Russia. Or: "You want to kill your child." Because the Russians when they get mad saying: "I'll kill you!"

You constantly put in a situation where they must contend. And you realize that this is impossible. You are unable to stop the Norwegian state machine based fabulous prizes for attorneys, users of social services, judges, psychologists, psychiatrists, receiving parents, specialists and other ... Awards are given for every blue-eyed toddler taken. Unfortunately, you have no chance to save your son or daughter from the Norwegian reception at home. I have gone all instances of Norwegian courts. Everything is covered, everywhere corruption. Children commodities. I do not give back.

All materials are Russian newspapers printed about my children's rendering lawyer Barnevarna and use them for the benefit of the charges in court. "She's crazy, protects your child in the press!". In the West, there is no freedom of the press on the issue of children. It is impossible to address the society. There is no law on the confidentiality of data, which is active now usurps and Russia and in other traditional countries.

You said that a system that destroys the family and who now works in Northern Europe, encourages sexual violence against children. How does this mechanism?

Ministry for Children in Norway called "literally" something like the Ministry for children's issues and equality of all forms of sexual diversity. Sexual minorities in Norway - that are no longer a minority. Normal people - there are minorities. Materials sociologists are available testify: by 2050 Norway will be 90% homo-state. What is considered under the "homo" is not hard to imagine. They say our, Russian notion of "gay" and "lesbian" - last century.
In the West, at least thirty legalized forms netradicionalog marriage. "The most advanced" on this point is Norway, there are "male" and "female" - terms that are disappearing. And it is not surprising that in Norway there is no possibility to protect a child born in a natural family.
You feel like you do not care. You are saying, "Let them do what they want! What I'm here with my children?" I used to think so because I did not know that in the whole of Europe introduced sekualna standards that deal with the education of children in a particular key.
And this standard is mandatory for all countries that signed the corresponding Convention, and the receiving of which is now actively lobbying and Russia.
There are openly talking about the fact that parents are obliged, together with doctors and educators in kindergarten, children learn "different aspects of love."
A special section of the općeeuropskog sexual standards explains why European children parents and educators need to teach masturbation strictly up to four years and not later. For us, cave Russians, it is very useful piece of information. On the 46th page of this document indicates that the infant should know your "dženderni (gender) identity".
Compulsory Sex-Education your child should already at birth opt to eat it: gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or transsexual. And since the terms "man" and "woman" are excluded from the notion of gender equality, decide for yourself. If your child does not choose "gender", that will help him omnipotent Norwegian or Finnish Barnevarn Lastensuoelu, German Jugendamt etc.

Norway is one of the first countries in the world that has opened research institute at the University of Oslo, who studies the suicide of children 0-7 years old. From the point of view of the common man it is very strange. How can one kill a newborn? But from the point of view Barnevarn, it is natural. If children after sadistic orgy really die, then it officially be listed under "suicide".

Irina, let's go back to your personal story ...

Menu children are kidnapped for the second time on May 30 2011. At the door we came two policemen and two associates Barnevarn. Otškrinula the door and looked. All cops are just about holding their guns, even the chief of police Brojklangena I came, and said: "We have come to take your kids". I phone my lawyer and he tells me: "Yes, under the laws of Norway you are obliged to give them. If you walk contrary still will not take them but they'll never see. You need to give children and tomorrow will explain what it is .. . "

Children were taken immediately, even they would not let me get changed and while we did not show any paper, any regulations. After subtraction of Procedure, I was in a state of shock: now I had to prove that I am a good mother.

The Norwegian newspaper described one case: a boy who was taken from his mother during childhood, raped in all reception families. He was 18, he bought a gun, come "home" and killed by receiving "parents".

Second Norwegian boys are taken from their mother - he was crying, I was the mother. The doctors said that this is paranoia. Then we fed him the drugs and made it into a thing. After the attacks on the media, they took him back to his mother in a wheelchair. And already he could not speak, had dropped to 13-15kg. It was dystrophy, they went irreversible processes.

After my only visions with my son, my older son said he wrote a letter to the Russian Consulate: "I will die, but I will still escape from Norway. I will not live in the concentration camp". He himself managed to organize his escape. Over the Internet to connect with the Poles Krzysztof Rutovskim, who had already been able to save the Polish girl from the Norwegian reception at home.

Pole called me at the last moment, when everything was ready and said: "If I'm going to perform your son without you - it will be a kidnapping, stealing someone else's child, and if I will perform along with you - then simply helping the family." It is difficult to decide whether the choice was terrible or killed all three in Norway, or at least save myself and elder son ... God forbid anyone to experience something like that!

After your return to Russia, you started to receive information about similar cases. Tell us about your social activities.

Here is one case: Irina S. has lived 18 years in England. There he had a boyfriend. She gave birth to a daughter. Once Irina accidentally found out that her friend sadomazohističkog member of the club. Her little girl was once watching a TV show where a local driver. The daughter said, "Mom, and the uncle came to me IgA doctor. And this aunt with me a bath in the tub!" Imagine your child says something like that?

Irina went to an English child psychologist, who told her, "Honey, you're crazy, you're paranoid. That's not izopačeništvo - it is a creative sex for the elite!" She fell silent and began to carefully things and prepare to return to Russia. Smart woman ...

In Norway, the first legalized same-sex marriages. Then legalized adoption of children by same-sex parents. There priests - men and women - openly declare about their netradicionalnoj orientation. And now appeared courageous among these same-sex, which raise the question of the rights to get married with children, to marry children.

If we, traditional parents, we sat and waited as hulls, lose fight with same-sex or other "Džender" (families) with his own children. Today the zone experiment Northern Europe, Germany and the United States plus the former British colony in Canada, Australia, New Zealand - that are "hot spots" where do I get "SOS" signals of Russian mothers.

The idea of the necessity of open opposition gave me strength not to fail, not to go down there with the mind in Norway.

Every parent needs to know Russian. For the past 30 years, the structure of interest in child trafficking, dealing with redistribution of demographic weight, devoting the view that the parent and child are not a unit. Now children belonging to some abstract society or country. Moreover, according to the Hague Convention on the theft of children from 1980. which Russia signed 2011, the children belong to the territory in which they lived through the last three months.

Philosophy of these non-humans partially exposes the project in Norway's ruling, the Workers' Party, of which I recently read in the Norwegian media.
"I'm gay. I want that all children in the country are just the way I am!

Lisbaken, Minister for Children, not ashamed, saying, "I'm gay. I want that all children in the country are just the way I am." He started a statewide program that should be carried out the following experiment: in kindergartens was taken all literature such as "Cinderella", all the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Instead, the other written literature, gender - such as "King and King" or "Gay-children". There is, for example, prince falls in love with the king or prince, a girl-princess fantasy to marry the queen. By law children were already in kindergarten, on a stretcher, educators are obligated to read these fairy tales and show pictures.

There was also a case like this. Russian tourists have started in New Zealand with a short-term visa, ie. Seven days. Mom, dad and baby. Are parents yelled at the child or the child cried loudly - from cafes or hotels have called child protection service. He came detachment "rescuers" and the child are taken away, "rescued" from the "parent-sadist". Russian diplomacy struggled more than a year for that child to let him go to see his parents.

Every five years Bernevarn a report on immigrants, whose children are mostly taken in Bernevarn. Top-list led by Afghanistan, then Eritrea, then Iraq. Of white children, Russia is in the first place, in the general list of countries - on the fourth.

The birth parents receive permission to see each other with a stolen child per 2 hours, once every six months. This is the maximum.

We should not talk about pedophilia as such. This is the second occurrence. Only in Norway there are 19,000 non-governmental organizations for "preprofiliranje" children from the "old" (male, female) in other, non-traditional families.

The child is forced to develop in netradicionalnoj gender category. What I was saying my little son, this is not more primitive pedophilia but some "organized" training, and lock on to a different orientation.

In all of these horrors is hard to believe ...

While you are thinking to believe or not believe, but appeared entire generation of parents who have to live with that horror.

All of this in modern Europe is considered vision of tolerance. Because children have a right to sexual preference of zero years, have the right to sexual diversity. Against us, against parents and children is fighting a well-organized criminal networks worldwide. And it seems that the time has come to openly confess and starts in every department of the district of the Russian police, along the entire vertical, to introduce a special unit to combat these international groups demographic banditry.

I'm on the march "Protect Children" urged people to look behind the beautiful mask of Western ideology, which we exchange hands under the guise of "saving the children from their parents-alcoholics" - which is a global experiment to change the sex of our children. Monster experiment that almost thirty years carried out all over Europe.
There, in Europe and in Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, everywhere beyond Russia's borders - parenting is destroyed and divided. Parenting as a bond between parent and child - Planning is destroyed. The figures subtracted -200,000 children in Norway, 300,000 in Sweden, 250,000 in Finland, in Germany, in Israel - also a huge number - it's stolen generation.

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