Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

"In Norway, children in nursery school children read fairy tale of a prince who fell in love with the King." "In Switzerland the boys to bring to kindergarten in dresses." "In Denmark, the poles are real," rent a horse for intimate relations. "" In a small town in Germany legally work 10 zoo brothel. "" In America, the elections were held beauty among transvestites-boys of 6 years. "" in Canada legalized experiments on the children, sterilization, lobotomy "." in Switzerland the 30 000 children taken from their parents and traditional but is committed same-sex '. "In Norway, will be a program of first-grade pupils appear subject to "incest". "In Canada, pedophilia - officially recognized sexual orientation." "2013.. Were in all schools in France replaced the" boys "and" girls. "" In the Netherlands there is a legal party of pedophiles, and is also present infantofilija, onosno relations with newborns

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