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This Is How Much It Cost To Treat An Appendicitis In America

December 28, 2013 | 9 Comments | Topics: WTF
First page (front)
The cover page of sorts. You can see the original total up at the top. Thankfully I was still on my dad’s insurance for another month or so. $55,029,.31 would have been way too much for me to pay on my own. Then again $11,119.53 is still a ton at this time in my life.

First page (back)

First page (back)
The services I received. I think you can see how outrageous some of these costs are. Such as the Recovery Room that I was in for maybe two hours. Or the Room and Board that I had for one night. Or maybe the $4,500 worth of anesthesia they supposedly used on me.

Second page

Second page
The rest of the services. $16,000 for the actual surgery.
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