Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Photos of The Colossal Protests in South Korea

Photos of The Colossal Protests in South Korea
HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of thousands of South Koreans are participating in a general strike to protest the government’s election-rigging and union-busting.
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Several ten thousands have gathered at Seoul Plaza (as of 3 pm) to protest against the South Korean government’s election manipulation scandal and the latest clampdowns on labor groups. The numbers are rapidly growing and the protest will continue throughout the day. Aiming 1 million Koreans to participate in ‘the December 28th General Strike’, a detailed schedule [ko] of a series of protests held by different groups in major cities across the country has been widely shared in South Korean online venues in last few days.
south korea pics 1
The December 28 General Strike (and protest) against the fraudulent election is being held at the City Hall Plaza, now as of 3:22 pm.
south korea revolt 2
Actually it can’t be said people are ‘in’ the Seoul Plaza. Even the nearby road s are packed with people.                                         

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