Dienstag, 23. April 2013

Boston Marathon Bomber Suspects, Innocent or Guilty?

WHY would "terrorists" make these somewhat puny bombs? Terrorists could have taken out a lot of people at that event to make their point. They could have made bombs that would've been practically catastrophic to the area, especially with as many people as were there. Seems more like some kind of a scare tactic or something. (Sorry, I meant to say pressure cooker, not crockpot)I want our government to show all of America the photos or videos of these guys setting the bombs down on the ground. I think we all have the right to see the truth. And for those of you that think I'm being too "soft" about all of this, well, you're dead wrong. My younger brother was murdered in cold blood, and in the trial I wanted the facts, the evidence, I needed to see what really happened.

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