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Boston Bombing Is An Inside Job -- Solid Evidence!

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The Boston marathon bombing has the signature of the shadow government written all over it!

"Boston marathon bombing happened on same day as 'controlled explosion' drill by Boston bomb squad", Mike Adams reports for Natural News.

"What's not yet being reported by the mainstream media is that a 'controlled explosion' was under way on the same day as the marathon explosion.

As the Boston Globe tweeted today, 'Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.'

Some people believe this explosion might have been part of the demolition of another bomb. It seems unlikely, however, that a bomb at the library, one mile away, could be so quickly located and rigged to be exploded by the bomb squad in less than one hour following the initial explosions at the marathon." -- [1].

This is the EXACT modus operandi of the secret brotherhood ruling the world from the shadows!

 I will present you a series of terrorist attacks that took place AT THE SAME TIME and IN THE SAME WAY as official "drills" were being conducted by governmental institutions or companies affiliated to the government:

1. I remind you that during the 9/11 attacks, the US Air Force was conducting a "simulation" where terrorists hijackers had taken over passenger jets in order to fly them into buildings.

Also, for several years prior to the 9/11 events, the U.S. defense agency conducted "drills using REAL AIRCRAFT simulating terrorist attacks crashing jets into buildings, including the twin towers and the Pentagon."

"On the morning of 9/11, 5 war games and terror drills were being conducted by several U.S. defense agencies, including one 'live fly' exercise using REAL planes. Drills also apparently included the injection of false 'radar blips' onto the screens of air traffic controllers." [2] points: 15, 16, 17 and 18.

2. "Simulations" of a terrorist attack were also undergoing in 2005 in London, when the actual attacks took place:

"On the afternoon and evening of 7th July 2005, information came to light about a private company running a terror rehearsal operation in London at the time that real explosions were reported to have occurred on the transport network. These revelations came not from an anonymous source but instead from the Managing Director (Peter Power) of the private firm running the terror rehearsal operation." 

Do you think it was just a coincidence? Well, think again!

Peter Power: "Our scenario was very similar (...) it was based on bombs going off, to the time, the locations, all this sort of stuff. (...) there was a few seconds when the audience didn't realize whether it was real or not.

"Yesterday we were actually in the City working on an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real. (...) When news bulletins started coming on, people began to say how realistic our exercise was - not realizing there was an attack.

I don't know how many of you know, but almost one hour after the London Underground tube system attacks, a fourth bomb was detonated on the top deck of a double-decker bus. 

But Mr. Power's "simulation" did not included any bus bombing "simulation"...or has it? 

Peter Power: "We simulated a scenario with multiple bomb explosions (...) and 1 bus interchange, to stretch ourselves and test our capabilities." -- [3].

And there is more!

3. During the Sandy Hook massacre, the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA conducted an exercise entitled: "Needs for children in disasters" at the same day, 12/14/2012, and in the same State as the Sandy Hook events! -- [4] at 1:16:23 into the documentary.

4. A "simulation" for a 7.9 Richter earthquake was planned on March 20, 2012 in Mexico. In the same day, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake actually occurred. [5].

5. "Colorado University held identical drill, the same day as the Batman massacre." [6] Alex Jones.

6. The Oslo, Norway, bomb attacks -- "In Oslo, a powerful bomb went off in or near the building which houses the office of the Prime Minister. Exactly as we would expect, special anti-terror police had been drilling setting off bombs in a nearby part of the Norwegian capital in advance, specifically during 2010. The public had not been informed in advance, but found out what was happening when they began hearing bombs in the opera house district, less than a kilometer away from the prime minister’s office which was attacked on Friday. Here is a report from the newspaper Aftenposten:

'Armed police were seen in the area around the opera house in Oslo, and violent explosions could be heard over large parts of the city. No one knew that this was all a matter of practice. The Information Section of the Oslo police deeply regrets that the public was not made aware of the seemingly dramatic exercise….It was the emergency squad, the national police special unit against terrorism, which was conducting a drill in the cordoned off area at Bjørvika pier.

According to a press release from the police, nearly a day after the exercise, the drill consisted of training in the controlled detonation of explosive charges….The exercise will continue for the rest of Wednesday night and a few more explosions are expected….The exercise followed a familiar pattern for all anti-terror forces around the world: The men lowered themselves down from the ceiling and into through the window that had just been blown out, while they fired hand their weapons.'" [7] & [8].

The officials have already labeled this as a TERRORIST attack. It is indeed a terrorist attack, but the terrorists are the so called "elite" who stage and benefit from these acts of terror.

It is yet another deception, PLEASE, do not fall for it! As a result, we will loose even more of our liberties. Let us wait and see who will be falsely accused by the Babylonian Brotherhood and we shall find out what their secret agenda is, in this case. Stay OPEN MINDED and, please, share the article. It is crucial to spread awareness.

Update 01: "University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach, who was near the finish line of the Boston Marathon when a series of explosions went off, said he thought it was odd there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines.

'They kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about,” Coach Ali Stevenson told Local 15. “It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.'

Stevenson said he saw law enforcement spotters on the roofs at the start of the race. He's been in plenty of marathons in Chicago, D.C., Chicago, London and other major metropolitan areas but has never seen that level of security before." -- [9] Source.

Update 02: Apparently, "Sandy Hook parents, families and townspeople were among the VIP attendees invited to sit in the grandstands at the finish line...the location of the first blast." -- [10] Source.

Update 03: The word "terrorism" is being used EXCESSIVELY on most main stream news channels. They pretend to be impartial and warn us not to jump to conclusions, but it's just a deceptive tactic. What they are actually doing, is inducing this idea into to the people's subconscious. Repeat something enough times and it will become fact.

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