Donnerstag, 8. November 2018


JoshuaReal name is YAHUsha= “YAHUAH Saves by way of the Lamb”
IsaiahReal name is YeshaYAHU= “Salvation is YAHUAH”
Jonathan – Real name is YAHUnathan = “YAHUAH has given”
JeremiahReal name is YirmeYAHU= “The Resurrection/Rising is YAHUAH”
EzekielReal name is YAHchezq’EL= “YAHUAH is a Righteous Eloah”
Daniel – Real name is DaniYAH’EL “The decision is YAHUAH’S our Eloah”
HoseaReal name is HosheYAH= “The Deliver is YAHUAH”
JoelReal name is YAH’EL= “YAHUAH is Eloah”
ObadiahReal name is ObadYAHU= “The Servant of YAHUAH”
ZephaniahReal name is TsphanYAHU= “The Secret is YAHUAH”
HaggaiReal name is ChaggaYAH= “The Celebration is YAHUAH”
ZechariahReal name is ZacharYAHU= “YAHUAH Remembers”
MalachiReal name is MalachiYAH= “Messenger of YAHUAH”
JobReal name is YAHshub= “YAHUAH Will Return”
NehemiahReal name is NechemYAH= “Consoled by YAHUAH”
MatthewReal name is MatithYAHU= “The gift is YAHUAH”

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