Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2018

1,000 years missing in our History? / Part 1

a mini-series on the missing millennium of Ancient past, First thing is to get the story on the conflict, (because there is always a conflict in everything) with what year it is really, it seems some Benedictine Monks were monkeying with the chronologic timeline.Also, that the reformation and inquisition were hidden behind religious reasons but were really carried out to suppress knowledge & events and get rid of all of the books & writings contrary to their dogmatic belief system of control they were usurping the powers that be and implementing themselves in control of the people.Part 2 will deal with the book of Veles and the scattered ones of Atlantis. Why Monks and not historians were in charge of this I can only guess. So it is possible this year may really be 1017? Hmm, Fair use, full credit to sources shown below. This is for educational & Informational purposes only, apologies for a couple spelling errors, I didn't catch them in final edit my fingers get in the way sometimes or I need a new keyboard. Video clips are from videos found here
Michael Tsarion - Astro-theology -
Little big man scene -
NewEarth channel youtube- Reformation and Gregorian calendar tricks -
Gunnar Heinsohn -
Belly dancer 1 -
Belly Dancer 2 -
Jalandhar by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Femenko book commercial -
Song - Mindbender - Jay Hunter -
FYICorrection - I think I used the wrong photograph of Jean Hardouin, it was of Jules Hardouin the architect but they look very similar. I'm thinking they must have been related. Also, the young lady in the NewEarth video is named Silvie, I said Silvia many apologies, I know it isn't going to matter this only applies to the haters but, it really serves no purpose to hurl insults that didn't come until this video got 20k views so I wonder where that would come from & why? My advice would be to make a video and let me know and I'll watch it and give the same courtesy to you, nobody drug you in here but, if you wish to leave constructive criticism that's fine just use some couth, thanks.

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