Sonntag, 20. September 2015

European Refugee Crisis: Camps Were Set Up Before The Conflict Even Began

Isn't it interesting that Turkey and Jordan were setting up refugee camps even before the conflict had begun in Syria? That is a very strong indication that this entire event is premeditated and was planned. The Syrians now being shipped to Europe are composed of people who are almost entirely against Assad, very rich, and sometimes connected to the military.

When watching the videos of the refugees showing up in Greece, I noticed that they were mostly wearing similar types of life jackets, with insignia on them, and in some boats they were orange, and in others purple.

The refugees did not appear tired, many were completely dry and smiling, and none of their equipment appeared to have ever been used before..

Turkey is a key player in this staged "refugee crisis" a "crisis" which was planned long before the first signs of conflict in Syria, and a "crisis" which is meant to create a rift in Europe, making out those who do not want the endless immigration out to be racists, and focusing the population on the "other" to distract from growing unemployment and economic strife all over Europe

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